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10/5/12 8:57 A

These days, my man boobs are the only boobs I get to see.

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10/4/12 10:27 P

Exercise and lose weight they will go away .....follow the suggestions on pec exercises and lowering body fat ....and a big dose of patience .....enjoy the journey...good luck

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10/4/12 7:22 P

Just follow and keep with the plan. It will eventually melt away like all the other fat. ST will help to tighten and replace fat with muscle.

6/18/12 7:41 A

Spot reducing the pecs is nigh impossible because you need the triceps and shoulders to help you out. A daily regiment of push ups is helpful alonng with weekly chest exercises to include Bench Press (flat, inclined & declined) and flyes.

Not to mention eating right.

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6/18/12 2:46 A

I've learned that you can't "spot" reduce. Sooooooo it's all about the weight loss! :)

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6/16/12 8:22 P

Man these are the WORST! I used to have reasonably well defined pecs and now that I've gained weight I think I have a B cup!

I agree with those saying that losing weight is the answer, probably followed by using weight lifting to regain the muscle lost!

6/11/12 7:16 P

6/11/12 6:48 P

"cutting" is tough. A great plan and the best way to go just really tough.

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6/10/12 9:25 P

I agree with ERICWS, you need to start cutting some of the fat. I'm not sure what your diet is now but the cleaner you eat the better. I would start with liquids only water and green teas and up your protein so you dont loose too much muscle while cutting.

6/6/12 5:11 P

I have a meaty chest and since I started lifting it has reshaped into meaty pecs. I have an open cleavage but found out it's called deep chest and its from doing havy bench press and my pecs firming up and rounding out therefore creating a "valley" between my pecs, LOL!

Mine don't look like this guy's but you get the idea.

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6/6/12 12:53 P

Me too... thanks for the resources!

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5/27/12 11:34 A

Thanks for the resources, KJFITNESS and BREWMASTERBILL. This is something I'm dealing with, too, although it's getting better.

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5/19/12 8:42 A

5/18/12 5:04 P

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5/18/12 9:48 A

This is one of my main motivators- I never have had them, and vow to never have them.

I would guess that a proper nutrition plan, good cardio exercise, and a solid strength training plan will do the trick.

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5/18/12 9:48 A

Lose weight.

Lose weight.

Lose weight.

Do some strength training, to build your upper body and core strength.

Lose weight.

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5/17/12 10:00 P

Any suggestions?

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