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10/23/12 9:12 A


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10/22/12 6:03 P

First off, I like to congratulate you the newest addition to your family! It sounds to me like you have a very positive attitude towards the weightloss journey. I wish you the best and Sparkpeople has a lot of ways to help you.

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10/22/12 12:20 P

Well, that's it.. morbid obesity. What a scary term. I don't want to be described by any term that starts with "morbid" ever again.
Today is day 1. I'm 6 weeks postpartum from my 3rd child, and 3rd cesarean section, and my scale tells me that I weigh 233.5 lbs. My first goal is small. Get down to the 220's, then the 210's, then finally, back under 200. At that point, I'll celebrate. I'll dance my skinniER butt off, and take my children for a long walk, then push myself harder.

I have a lot of health problems - fibromyalgia, hip impingement syndrome, IBS, asthma, to name a few. The constant pain has been a long standing excuse to not be healthy, but I've come to the point where I realize and accept that being so overweight is contributing to and worsening the existing health problems, as well as leading to others down the road. I need to be healthy; for myself, for my children, for life. I can do this. Here goes nothing.

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