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9/24/12 8:50 A

Last winter I rode my bike indoors on a trainer and watched bike-o-vision videos, which took me on tours of California wine country, English countrysides and Puerto Rico. Fun but I do prefer outdoors riding.
I wear Kangoo Jumps on my walks with our dogs which definitely have an added fun factor and I love that my calorie burn doubles when wearing them (for same time and distance) emoticon

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9/24/12 8:04 A

I bought a frame to put my bicycle on, so I can cycle indoors during the winter. I've used it a few times so far, because of wind or rain conditions.

It's definitely not as interesting as cycling outdoors; even when I bring along my laptop when I'm doing it, and listen to podcasts (not outdoors, but indoors, in case I wasn't clear).

However, I will endure. I'm certainly not bringing it into the living room to watch TV while on it, because of grease (and room).

Glad it's working for you, though.

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9/24/12 7:48 A

I think it will depends on the person. Personally - i hate stationary bicycle. Bought one about 10 years ago. Didn't really enjoyed it at all - i remember i was so bored. End up chucking away as no one wanted it. My friend has one too and she doesn't use it very often.

You have to stick to what is working for you better. As long you are burning some calories!

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9/24/12 1:42 A

Exercise is said to be boring and monotonous at times. i have two machines that i use @ home, a stationary bicycle and a stepper. Usually would do 30 mins of each watching the television.

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