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6/30/12 12:04 P

Friends and motivators are great, but not to always lean on. One needs their own strength to really be able to attain their goals. When one relies or needs others to succeed, they are destined to fail since it is rare that all their friends will always be there for them. It is also too easy to blame others for their failures when others are their support group. Sadly, you have already blamed your husband for some of your weaknesses. Sorry, that is NOT the way to succeed.

If you show your family and friends YOUR strength and commitment, they will follow or at least respect what you are striving for. Stay strong, don't blame others for your weaknesses, don't depend on others, and Keep the faith.

That being said, this site is full of caring people that will do their best to help you succeed, especially if they see you are serious and determined.

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6/30/12 9:24 A

Hi KrisJoy:

The one think I have learned is I have to be healthy for myself. My husband is great - loves me at any weight I've ever been at or ever will be at - but he's not the best motivator for me because he thinks I am fine any way I look. I know that I've really fallen off the wagon the past few years and want to get into better shape so I guess we just have to band together and say we are going to do it for ourselves! That way it makes it easier when I'm eating very healthy and he's eating whatever he wants! I took my 13 year old to the doctor yesterday and her weight was higher than I expected (I'm convinced they measured her short and weighed her heavy!!) I am trying to go very lightly regarding weight because I don't want her to feel anxious about her weight. The doctor said that she's still growing (she's very tall) and as long as I'm providing her with healthy choices all will work out. Good luck to you!

6/24/12 10:38 P

I'm friending you too. I just got started...again, and I'd love the support too.

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6/20/12 10:36 P

I added you as a friend and left a message on your page :0)

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6/19/12 11:06 P

Hello all...
I am a mom of two girls, 5 and 10 as well as being a wife of over 10 years. I am looking for ppl to help keep me as well as helping me helping my family accountable. I would like to lose weight but also unhealthy habits that unfortunately I have gained due in part to my husband. He has no limits, constantly eats sugar yet still has not gained much weight at all...I on the other hand am a different story. I would appreciate your support if not at least your prayers. Thanks and who knows maybe I can help u too?!

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