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4/17/12 4:14 P

The only reason I entitled it the way I did is to show people have a higher chance of replying to something if the title implies it will benefit them directly.

Anyway, back to the subject in question it would be like those WWJD bracelets that Christians sometimes where, but for like weight loss. I have a hard time going the whole week without like over indulging and using something like that would be a way to remember what I am trying to accomplish. Does this sound crazy?

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4/17/12 3:03 P

Oh, I was getting ready to flag this as spam. emoticon

Never heard of what you speak of though.

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4/17/12 2:56 P

(not really)
Actually was going to ask if anyone had any reminders through out the day to hang tough. I read somewhere that something as little as a rubber band your wrist each day to create a symbol of something representing far more. Is this a crazy idea?

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