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SILLY__RABBIT Posts: 2,365
2/22/11 11:51 P

I just wanted to say thanks to the guys here for sticking up for the females. Honestly most of my friends are guys and frankly I often feel more comfortable around the guys having a beer then with the girly girls (though I can be a girly girl, think more like Robin from 'How I Met Your Mother'). To peruse the guy's forum I find will have topics that are more pertinent to me then any girly forums would, though I am usually less likely to post in here (I'm usually in the fitness/diet forums). And no, I don't mind guy talk, in fact if you heard what came out of my mouth sometimes it would make most of these 'guys' blush ;) I think to say that it should be just for guys is stupid (I realize GP that it has been changed), if I had a sex change would it then be more acceptable to post in here?

Sorry for the vent, but thanks guys for sticking up for us ladies.

RockClimber What's up? j/k

BTW, KillerJoe thanks for sharing the StarTrek Girl clip... awesome... see that's something I wouldn't get in a girly forum lol You had me at Qapla lol

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ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
2/15/11 9:15 P

@gp temps won't be quite that good for the next week but they will be above freezing for the next week. but the nights are still pretty damn cold and I noticed the description change.

GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (64,533)
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2/14/11 8:03 P

@ Rock Climber...I feel ya. I haven't hit a golf ball since November. I live on the course where I work and it kills me to look in my back yard and still see a foot of snow. Supposed to be in the 70s this week though. We should be back on the course in a week.

@ everyone designers got on it quick and have changed the description for the Guy's Lounge. It no longer says "Just or guys".

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ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
2/14/11 7:38 P

Can i rewind my life to get back the fifteen minutes that I spent reading this thread. Dang.

@ Golfpro keep up the good work, hope to get back on the course soon. I used to love winter, however this winter is really bugging. On top of everything, no time or money to go downhill skiing.

And any single ladies in or around western new york state... sup

2/14/11 2:19 A

Really..if you see a post by a female dont read I should have just went by this post..( I will never get the 15 mins back I spent reading it)..So moving upwards and onwards. I dont mind the occasional post by a female. If I have a problem with it I just move on. Golf pro does a wonderful job earns every dollar he gets.

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2/14/11 1:32 A


I'm with you... sort of.
Although, I wouldn't blame the moderator.
Instead I wonder about the people who can't quite seem to figure out the theme of the forum.

It seems the proper solution is to report the post as "inappropriate".
My guess is that if enough people do this, it will get the proper attention.

TLCOVERT1 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/13/11 11:02 P

I don't see a problem with women visiting any forums. If they are interested or don't mind typical guy subjects like boobs, butts, stamina, orgasms, beer and sports, come on in. Just don't whine about what we write.


I think Golfpro does a great job, too.


N0_EQL Posts: 627
2/13/11 10:04 P

------------- paste----------
Just to answer your direct questions and then I am done...I've been driving 30 years and have never had a moving violation. I go with the flow of traffic

------------- end paste ----------

So you do go by the "spirit" of the law and not the letter.

I do also. I believe it to be true for me and others. I used to hold to the spirit of the law for myself and the letter of the law for others. I have matured over time.

As far as the topic goes. If women post here I do not have a problem with it. As long as the realize they are on a MEN's forum. While that does not mean they have to accept rudeness. They do have to expect direct conversation. More direct that one may find on women's forums.

Some conversations with women are so "indirect" as to give no discernible answer at all.

I can see why some women prefer to go to a men's forum.

I may also go to a woman's forum at some point to get information on female sexuality or menopause. Clearly information of this type gotten from a men's site may be sketchy at best.

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2/13/11 5:11 P

btw, I LOVED Bubba! Best prez EVER!!!!

2/13/11 5:10 P

Okay, so what you are saying is that men whine when women invade their space and that those same men just ought to STFU and deal with it?

Huh? I like that!

Now I'm off to join the SP Team called, "The Ladies Room" which is a team for women only.

LAURASDAD SparkPoints: (41,245)
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2/13/11 4:08 P

Just to answer your direct questions and then I am done...
I've been driving 30 years and have never had a moving violation. I go with the flow of traffic so as not to cause danger to myself or others.
My daughter, to the best of my knowledge, has never seen the inside of a men's restroom.
Defending one's position when you are right is commendable. Defending one's position when you have been proven mistaken is foolish.
As a golfer, I'm sure you know of the dustup created when the annual Augusta Golfing Event excludes women (their rules). It has been proven time and again when men try to create something for themselves and object to the presence of women they're called neanderthals or oppressive or backwards. Yet when women wanted access to male locker rooms for sports, men were told, "get over it" when they objected.
Rules are great when uniformly enforced and adhered to. If a person is attracted to a product, in this case, a forum that says it's one thing and turns out to be something else, that's not about being unreasonable about rules - it's about dishonesty.
Finally, "The description is not truly a guideline" sounds incredibly Clintonian.

SAILSCALL SparkPoints: (59,836)
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2/13/11 4:00 P

Point me to the thread where the ladies are looking for boyfriends. I gotta see this.

GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (64,533)
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2/13/11 2:33 P

@ KJ....I totally laughed at your post. I haven't had to monitor any of your stuff in a long time! You're right, I can't wait for Spring. We still have about a foot of snow on the ground from the last storm. We had about 28" last week.

@ LaurasDad....I think you're reading into it a little too much. The description is not truly a guideline. If you read the community guidelines there is nothing about women not posting in here. Yes, you are correct that the description implies men only. That's why I've already submitted the request to change it. Site designers don't work on Sunday so it's not going to happen immediately.

I commend you for being a "black and white", "follow the rules to the t", "don't do anything wrong" kind of guy. I'm going to assume that if the speed limit is 25 mph you never go 27 right? Or when your daughter was young, and you needed to take her to the restroom you certainly didn't take her into the men's room to go, right? I mean, after all, the law says females are not allowed in a males restroom. I congratulate you on being one of the last few human beings who follows every "rule" out there.

Am I defensive? Absolutely. Isn't that a man's nature? To defend himself when questioned? You came in here and "called me out" without politely asking if anyone had seen the moderator lately. Perhaps you could have sent a SparkMail to ask about it. Or even created a thread that asked if anyone has seen me lately. Instead, you chose the path of creating this thread. As KillerJoe implied, he's seen me way more than he'd like. By starting this thread you opened yourself up for people to question you about it.

I've been here longer than any guy in the Guy's Lounge and even I didn't know the description said "Just for guys". Many people never look at those descriptions. I 100% thank you for pointing it out so that we can make it correct. Without feedback from members we can't improve the site.


LAURASDAD SparkPoints: (41,245)
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2/13/11 11:30 A

I don't understand why, when a man asks other men to have a little integrity and accurately describe the nature of the discussion forum, some get all defensive.
One of the reasons I seek a men only forum is to NOT have to deal with the hyper-sensitive, knee-jerk emotional reactions to a simple request that people adhere to the guidelines of the forum - in this particular case - MEN ONLY.
If there is consensus that some of the men here want the input of women, that's great. Just don't pretend the group is something that it isn't.
I don't get why this is such a difficult concept for some to understand.

JIMCROCE Posts: 1,035
2/13/11 11:21 A

hopefully this is a joke....People need to lighten up! GolfPro, as all the volunteers, does what he can. It really is up to the members to "police". As for those dreadful women posting, I have only seen a couple, and one explained why she was on this site. Get a grip and live in reality.

2/13/11 10:28 A

Che'yeah, he's around all-the-time, BELIEVE you ME!



j/k GP, I bet you're happy spring is a few weeks away, the golf courses are starting melt here in PA.

LAURASDAD SparkPoints: (41,245)
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Posts: 89
2/13/11 10:02 A

That works for me...
Then maybe a new group that is truly for men only can be created...
I'm sure if a woman walked into a "Curves" fitness center and saw a bunch of guys working out, she'd be a little perplexed.
And yes, you've made it ABUNDANTLY clear you're a volunteer...I get it.

GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (64,533)
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Posts: 5,643
2/13/11 9:39 A

Before you blame me for promoting the Guy's Lounge as "A place JUST for guys! Hang out, ask questions, and find support." Think about what I said in the previous post. I am a non-paid volunteer, I did not create the description that you have an issue with. I can suggest to the site designers that the word "just" be taken out of the description if it will make you feel better and be "true advertising".

Now then to address your issues in regards to women posting here. The SparkPeople message boards currently have over 13,000,000 posts. Do you think that the moderators can monitor every single post on the boards? Even if we could monitor every post, SparkPeople has no way to 100% keep someone from posting on any topic they would like. If I did politely ask someone not to post, who's to say they don't create an account and call themselves a man so they would be "allowed" to post in here. The internet is full of liars and fakes.

I've rarely seen what you describe as "clearly some women on here trolling for boyfriends". Yes I have seen it. But is it actually harming your experience on SparkPeople or The Guy's Lounge. If you don't like it, don't be a part of that discussion. If the post is derogatory or against community guidelines, then report it. Otherwise stick to the topics you find interesting.

The main idea behind the Guy's Lounge was to create an area where men could easily find one another for support and camaraderie. It was not created to offer a men's only area of the site. SparkPeople is a site designed to help people by creating positive experiences and surroundings. SP doesn't feel that providing segregated areas would be a positive part of the site. That's why SP came up with the idea of SparkTeams.

SparkTeams allow people to create an area for like minded people to find one another on SP. Someone can create a private team where the team leader has to invite people to be members. If the leader doesn't want women on his team he just doesn't invite any. If you don't want to deal with women then you should consider joining a private team that's for men only.

Keep in mind, that for every 1 guy that feels the way you do, there's at least a dozen guys who feel the opposite. The Guy's Lounge was started about 5 years ago and I've seen 1-2 posts a year from someone who doesn't like women posting in here. In each instance, a handful of guys would say how they wish it was truly just for guys. Far more guys would chime in that they enjoy getting a woman's opinion once in a while and don't mind it all. On a rare occasion that a woman complains of the language or topics around here, we remind her that this is the guys lounge and that guys can be a little more crude and crass.

I could go on about why women will continue to be allowed to post in here, and why men will also be allowed to be men. But, I'll get off my soapbox now and simply make the suggestion to the designers to please remove the word "just" from the description.


LAURASDAD SparkPoints: (41,245)
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Posts: 89
2/13/11 8:35 A

Good to know...
So let me ask this, if you promote the guys lounge as: "A place JUST for guys! Hang out, ask questions, and find support." What's with all the women posting?
As a guy who lives with two women, I get more than enough estrogen in any given day and if I want input from other men, I would expect that if some women cannot respect the boundary implied in the title of the group, the moderator would politely tell them there are other forums for coed discussions.
After some very minimal looking around, I have found that there are clearly some women on here trolling for boyfriends.
Yeah, and I get that it's a free website and all that stuff, I'm just for truth in advertising. Don't bill this as a place "...just for guys..." when it isn't.

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GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (64,533)
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2/13/11 8:04 A

I pay plenty attention to new threads that are started. I do not pay attention to every single post made in here. Moderators are not paid employees by SparkPeople and most of us have real life jobs and families that we attend to as well.

If someone feels there is an inappropriate post/comment they are welcome to sparkmail me with the complaint. Or they can even click the link to report an inappropriate post.

I am very lenient with what is posted in the guys lounge compared to other boards around here. My apologies if you feel that I've been "MIA". But others around here will tell you that I am on here just about every day.

LAURASDAD SparkPoints: (41,245)
Fitness Minutes: (101,048)
Posts: 89
2/13/11 7:58 A

Just reading through some of the posts and thinking that the forum moderator isn't paying too much attention...Then I see he last updated his status over a year ago...
What gives?

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