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4/4/13 7:48 A

I always loved fruits and veggies, but there were a few I grew into... Mushrooms, olives, sweet potatoes, and squash. But I've still yet to develop an appreciation for beets.

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,982
4/4/13 6:43 A

Rarely eat candy, loved it as a child. Still love KFC, but eat it rarely (-:

RAVEN_X13 SparkPoints: (73,199)
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4/3/13 10:20 P

I grew out of eating nothing but boring, monotonous, generally carb-based meals (pasta, pizza, etc) after I taught myself how to cook. I also grew out of being such a picky eater because after getting over myself and actually trying some of the foods I was so sure I hated when I was younger, I found I didn't mind them at all (or, I absolutely loved them)!

I grew into spices, layers of flavour, and portion control. Mediterranean food is probably one of my favourite things on the face of the earth now, because of the different spices they use and I've fallen in love with Indian food for the same reason. I still eat my pasta and pizza, but they're healthier (and home made, from the pizza standpoint), reasonably sized and balanced with a proper protein source and lots of veggies.

RENEEAQUA SparkPoints: (35,157)
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4/3/13 5:51 P

I've been eating spicy foods more and more. I used to not like because they were too hot, now I want to sweat while eating it. LOL!!

JUSTKLH Posts: 1,489
4/3/13 5:29 P

I've pretty much always eaten everything, but I noticed that I've grown out of sodas and fast food. Now fast foods are usually so greasy to me that I couldn't keep them down if I wanted to

ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
4/3/13 4:47 P

I grew into Liver and Onions. Yum!

ILOVEFOOD590 SparkPoints: (6,418)
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4/3/13 4:37 P

I have grown out of eggs

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
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4/3/13 2:26 P

When I want flavor, I go for the crystal light. I like to add a little crystal light to some water to taste, and if I want fizz, I add half-water, half-club soda.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (255,247)
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Posts: 14,957
4/3/13 2:24 P

I was pretty much raised on sweet iced tea (although mom never put as much sugar as many southerners expect). As a teen, I switched to plain iced tea (no sugar, no artificial sweetener). Now I pretty much drink water all the time.

I do like the bellini tea at Olive Garden. I will on occasion buy a half gallon of raspberry tea, a half gallon of peach (or mango) tea from the Publix deli and mix with my own brewed green tea. I can make 2 or 3 gallons, so it has a good flavor but not much sugar.

MAGGIEVAN SparkPoints: (204,392)
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4/3/13 2:08 P

Anything salty and for that reason Asian food.

BAREFOOTDIVA SparkPoints: (0)
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4/3/13 1:19 P

When I saw the calorie difference between white pasta and wholewheat pasta I immediately grew out of white and into brown.

ELIZABETH2702 Posts: 5
4/3/13 11:37 A

I grew into squash and mushrooms! Wasn't interested at all as a kid, now I love the stuff.

SPARKLEMEUP2 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/3/13 11:14 A

This has been my favorite post to read yet...but please everybody...please add what are your beverages thing I love now is minute maid frozen stays frozen in the freezer yet doesn't freeze so you can spoon a little out at a time in water and I treat myself twice a day...but need better ideas on beverages...anybody just squeezing fruit into your water??

RICHARJ SparkPoints: (4,619)
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4/3/13 10:45 A

I grew into Brocholli and I am so glad I did...cheese no cheese...that don't even matter....and Apargus especially white which I tried in Germany....Y U M M Y... and yogurt...first it was the strawberry banana which first made me try its greek yogurt with go to for a snack attack...

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TKLBRIDGET SparkPoints: (6,921)
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4/3/13 10:22 A

Growing up I didn't like mushrooms at all, now I use them in everything!

SUNSET09 SparkPoints: (562,859)
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Posts: 137,724
4/3/13 10:14 A

I watched my mom eat cottage cheese and yogurt. It was hard for me to swallow either as they were so bitter with no taste. Today, that's what I eat and most of the foods I ate while growing up are my comfort foods now!

ASHAIXIM Posts: 2,616
4/3/13 10:06 A

I recently found out I'm allergic to coffee, wheat, yeast, corn, potato, milk and pork... so I guess I've grown "out of" almost everything ;) I'm eating beef, chicken, turkey, fish (salmon especially) and shrimp and spice. Oh and veg and occasionally some fruit. LOTS of veg.

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LYNN725 Posts: 142
4/3/13 8:41 A

Growing up, I despised asparagus. A few years ago, I found my taste buds wanting to try some. Now I eat them as often as I can, have even put them in my turkey spaghetti!!

4/3/13 2:50 A

I think sometime around 30 my tastedbuds just plain changed. When I was about 26 I was telling my boyfriend how I don't like cantaloupe I even speared a piece off my fruit plate and tried it only to say "yuck", and he was teasing me that his children would be going wild to be first after the melon I was leaving on the plate. 2 years later I bought a premade fruit salad because it sounded good, I tried the cantaloupe and it was amazing. Thanks to my CSA I have learned about a lot of new veggies, but there are still a few I won't eat at all or just certain ways. Swiss Chard cannot be sauteed and tossed into my favorite meal in place of spinach, and spinach can never be eaten alone.

We still make mac and cheese in my house but it has a bunny on the box now and I only indulge on rare occasions. I am still at a stage where I am trying to teach myself to make healthier versions of some of my go to easy and comfortable foods. At least then I am doing better, and not totally relapsing to my bad habits.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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4/2/13 8:26 P cheese :::swoon!:::

I love it with a little fresh pineapple on the side, too...

BIERMA Posts: 836
4/2/13 6:53 P

blue cheese...into

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (129,689)
Fitness Minutes: (82,620)
Posts: 4,545
4/2/13 4:33 P

I've grown out of diet soda ... still drink it occasionally, but it usually tastes very odd and chemically. I used to love it!

4/2/13 4:07 P

I'm amazed that I've grown out of Coca-Cola. I didn't have it all that often but when I did I loved it. When I started tracking my food I realised it just wasn't worth the calories, now it seems unbelievably sweet and the sugar and caffeine keeps me awake well past my bedtime.

PFARRAR65 SparkPoints: (37,141)
Fitness Minutes: (14,483)
Posts: 1,156
4/2/13 3:23 P

Spaghetti squash....learning how to cook and use it....

STEPH057 Posts: 252
4/2/13 3:21 P

I used to hate peppers (raw or cooked). If a menu item in a restaurant had peppers, I would either order without or just order something else. I'm finally starting to like them, but sometimes raw bell peppers give me heartburn.

4/2/13 2:34 P

Grew out of fried chicken. My southern grandma is in mourning! Grew into fish. Definitely didn't see that one coming!

LWADE1963 Posts: 936
4/2/13 1:34 P

Growing out of sweets. Very slowly. Growing into veggies cause I feel better

ZBMORGAN Posts: 782
4/2/13 9:09 A

I've grown into Brussels sprouts and spinach and recently, black eyed peas! Grown out of packaged sweets (anything hostess used to make). And low quality chocolate.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
4/2/13 8:44 A

(Send me any surplus Brussels sprouts you have, SIMONE...they will be joyfully received!)

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
4/2/13 8:42 A

I grow in and out of brussel sprouts, right now I'm loving them, other times I can't stand to eat them.

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
4/2/13 7:37 A

I've grown out of drinking liquor or beer. Hope I do the same with junk foods.

LAUREN_LASHL33 SparkPoints: (164)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 1
4/2/13 1:04 A

I've grown out of soda and soft drinks and into spinach! raw, cooked, steamed! and water. I used to hate it, but now thinking of drinking thick sugary syrup and carbonated water makes me feel really dehydrated. But I do enjoy smelling Dr. Pepper from time to time xD

4/2/13 1:02 A

I've outgrown sodas both regular and diet. I have grown into squash which I absolutely hated as a child.

DIANAHALLOCK SparkPoints: (32,137)
Fitness Minutes: (21,534)
Posts: 1,248
4/2/13 12:07 A

Into veggies and salsa
Out of butter cream icing, butter on toast and morning pastries

4/1/13 6:41 P

I've grown into bell peppers, potatoes (sweet and regular), tofu, cauliflower, celery, Italian dressing, chili, lasagna, cottage cheese, spinach, radishes, canteloupe, and tomatoes.

I'm pretty much done with fried eggs, store-bought white bread (Mom's homemade sourdough, however, is not something I'm willing to quit)... That's about it.

I never liked things like Hamburger Helper, Kraft dinner, or American cheese as a kid. I grew up on pretty much everything homemade.

Overall, though, I still like most of the same things I always did, and don't hate or dislike as many foods as I used to (or at least I dislike most with less intensity now).

VIRGOGURL4 SparkPoints: (60,161)
Fitness Minutes: (104,667)
Posts: 1,485
4/1/13 2:20 P

I hated onions as a child. But now they're a staple in most meals I make. I loved McDonald's McChicken sandwich in high school and college, but I can't even stomach the smell anymore.

DOLLIE6 Posts: 2,845
4/1/13 1:18 P

I have grew out of-processed sugar, no kind of soft drink-sweet or unsweetened, no white breads,
no white rice, no mayonnaise.

I grew into-avocado, olives, celery, kale, broccoli, mustard.

I'm sure if I thought about it long enough I would have a longer list of both.

That was fun. Thanks.

JMBLRC SparkPoints: (2,267)
Fitness Minutes: (1,845)
Posts: 94
4/1/13 1:12 P

Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches. I was picky and my mother would make me a pb&j every night for dinner for years. After so many years of that, I am glad I grew out of my finickiness.

4/1/13 12:54 P

As a child I hated olives, now I love them! shame they have lots of calories. Also I now like avocados... :-)

MUSETTE29 Posts: 116
4/1/13 11:02 A

This is an interesting approach to how we have changed our eating preferences. I gave up red meat (non-poultry/fish) for Lent, but discovered yesterday I did not want bacon at the church breakfast or any beef dishes at dinner. Another health-related observation: I was put on a cardio diet, basically eliminating salt, caffeine and so forth. My main reaction to my restaurant meal (other than the fact that the buffet practically no healthy choices) was that the food was so salty! We can change, our tastes can change, we can move toward our goals. Thanks for giving me this new perspective.

ABUFFKIN Posts: 2,233
4/1/13 10:37 A

I have grown out of fast food and beef

HCORNETTO SparkPoints: (18,405)
Fitness Minutes: (29,674)
Posts: 145
3/31/13 7:45 P

I've grown out of milk. I used to love the taste of it, but now it just seems sickly sweet and thick to me. I use almond or coconut milk these days.

I used to want chocolate during certain times of the month, but at this point, I settle for a bowl of oatmeal. I often add a half tablespoon of Nutella or peanut butter if I really need something extra.

I've also grown out of things like non whole grain bread products and into more complex carbohydrates and whole grains. I've been enjoying sweet potatoes, different types of squash, sprouted grain breads, and the like. When I was a kid, I thought I did not like these things, it turns out that I do like them, I just like them prepared in ways that were not offered when I was growing up.

That said, there are a few things that I just cannot get myself to like. Among them are apples, brussle sprouts, quinoa, green bell peppers, and tofu. I know I should be trying to eat these things, but I just can't bring myself to appreciate them even a little bit.

DIANITAH SparkPoints: (72,855)
Fitness Minutes: (7,365)
Posts: 3,083
3/31/13 6:15 P

I've grown into so many new vegetables and trying other international cuisines.

Grew out of fast food and packaged things like Little Debbies.

Still love good chocolate though!

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
3/31/13 6:13 P

I've grown out of bread and chips - don't touch those.

Once or twice a month, I get a powerful craving for cornbread, though - and I give in to it.

MOINSDEMOI Posts: 2,416
3/31/13 6:05 P

I've switched whole milk for fat free milk; McDonald's or other fast food restaurants for home-cooked meals. I substitute spinach and baby greens for iceberg lettuce, light dressings for full fat dressings and choose10 grain bread over whole wheat or white bread.

There are no cookies, cake, ice cream or chips in my house. If I really, really want ice cream I have to drive to the store to buy it. My all time favorite chip is Ruffles original flavor but I cannot be in the same house with a bag as it will be devoured in a single sitting.

I've also printed the list of foods that retain pesticides and choose organic over conventionally grown.

Now if I could only control portion size! emoticon

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GLOW8211 SparkPoints: (69,786)
Fitness Minutes: (34,451)
Posts: 6,433
3/31/13 1:23 P

Growing out of sweets and junk food and into fresh fruit and vegetables!! Exciting journey!

KDSTAP Posts: 664
3/31/13 1:19 P

Grown into - summer squash. It was the thing I dreaded seeing most at the dinner table.
Grown out of - Peeps!
Happy Easter!

FITNESS386 SparkPoints: (19,640)
Fitness Minutes: (7,026)
Posts: 41
3/31/13 12:59 P

Grown Out: chips, cookies, and pretty much any "junk food"
Grown Into: all healthy foods especially oatmeal and fruits!
Even though I might have "grown out" of junk foods, I still have occasional cravings for a muffin, cupcake, pretzels, and frozen yogurt because those are my all time favorites. I have always liked the foods I've "grown into" but I crave them more than unhealthy foods ever since I decided to change my lifestyle.

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
Fitness Minutes: (27,770)
Posts: 1,169
3/31/13 12:27 P

There are very few foods I have "grown out" of. I may eat them only once a year, but Cheetos are still just as delicious to me now as they were in high school. Fritos I tried last year for the first time in maybe 20 years, and I thought they were terrible. But I am not sure if I ever really liked them. It's more that I have grown out of the need to eat everything that I want, without thinking about the consequences. I have grown out of drinking diet soda; it just doesn't taste good any more. I'll still have a real Coke on occasion, but the need to drink two or three cans of diet a day is gone.

I have "grown in" to a few foods--mushrooms, olives, (only the good ones from the deli though, not the canned kind.) apricots--but I have never been a terribly fussy eater. I have grown into the idea of eating 6 veggies a day though, whereas before my diet was much more carb based.

RADXICAL SparkPoints: (319)
Fitness Minutes: (403)
Posts: 1
3/31/13 2:21 A

Grown out of: Reese's, potato chips, most fried foods, and red meat.
Grown into: Spinach (fresh spinach salads -- YUM!), Asparagus (I used to like it okay, now I love it), green or yellow bell peppers, broccoli.

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