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5/6/12 8:11 A

Well, i think it is a big step to just realize you do it. You can't solve a problem if you do not accept that you have it. Me on the other hand, i never had enough to eat as a kid so i cook way to much not all the time just to make sure that everyone gets all that they want.

5/5/12 9:19 P

I grew up very poor in a big family. I "compete" for food all the time. My husband thinks it's hilarious.

Now that I'm older, I find myself behaving like my mother and shaming others for taking more than their fair share.

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5/5/12 8:38 P

I have done the same thing in the past! Birthdays and get-togethers always meant plenty of food and boy could I eat! Food was constantly being passed around or requested to "go back for more". I'd get home feeling overstuffed, lazy, wanting to sit on the couch and stay there! The last time during a get together during Easter, I told myself I would never allow that to happen again. I took the paper plate made my food choices, then walked far away from the serving table and and found a group of people to talk with. That was my AHA moment, birthdays and get togethers are meant for family and friends to catch up on things more than the food. I ate the one plate of food, never going back for seconds. I went home feeling Proud.. Now I do this whenever I am invited to any event.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/4/12 4:16 P

I think that food competition is a common problem. I had to actively practice sharing my food, giving others the larger portion, etc. in order to get over this. Occasionally, I find that I still have some of these feelings. When this happens, I remind myself that I have all the food that I need and that I am not starving. I remind myself that I do not have to eat an equal amount of food as everyone else and that I will not starve or go hungry if I get/choose to eat less. I also tell myself that there is basically an unlimited supply of whatever type of food that I could ever possibly want at the store. Once I acknowledge, to myself, just how available all these foods are, I no longer feel the need to compete and I feel free to eat less and make healthier choices.

ZIMZUMPOGOTWIG SparkPoints: (23,679)
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5/4/12 3:08 P

Parties are my downfall. There are too many dips. I love to just dip stuff and its almost always bad for you.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
5/4/12 2:38 P

I totally understand what you're talking about. I grew up in a household of 7. We often ate beans rice, and other mexican staples (my mom being from mexico). The thing is, I did feel like I was competing for food-especially the 'good' stuff-like fast food, treats, etc because it's not that we necessarily didn't know when we'd get it again, but because if you missed it, you missed it. It was the thought of being left out that got me to eat so much.

PATTOMMC3 SparkPoints: (778)
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5/4/12 2:20 P

I hate going to parties, I sometimes don't even go because I cannot stay away from the food!

LITTLE1DER Posts: 934
5/1/12 3:17 P

I am glad that you posted this! It is a wonderful thing for you to realize because now it is no longer a unconscious thing you do. It is now something you recognize and can deal with!
I think a lot of us have "food issues" for me it's sneak eating..I am almost 40 and catch myself feeling guilty about eating something so I hide the evidence...from whom?
There are stigmas, habits, shame, emotions and judgment wrapped up in the way many of us eat especially if we have struggled with our weight our whole life. Knowing them and dealing with them is how we break through and hopefully stop from passing them on to our kids.
I'm proud of you for posting this and thankful that you did because it has reminded me of a couple things I have to work on.
Take care!

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5/1/12 3:02 P


It's not unusual for people to overeat in a social situation. We're all guilty of the behavior. I come from a good Italian family where food is love. You can't refuse seconds or you risk insulting the chef ! LOL !!! There was a time when I would go to one of those buffet style restaurants and eat til I was ready to burst. I felt that if I didn't eat enough, I'd be wasting my money. Well, that was a long time ago.

We can end up eating more than we want during social situations. But, that doesn't mean that's how we have to be all the time. In past, I used to seriously over eat. However, with time, I've learned to be more mindful of my portions. I'm not perfect. I still have days when I eat more than others. It happens, but I'm glad to say that it doesn't happen as often as I did when I was overweight. I have become more mindful of what I eat. As a result, I don't overeat to the point of bursting.

Here's a piece of advice that I found helpful, that might help you too. I don't know the exact quote from Confucius, but it goes something like this,"when eating, leave a little space in your stomach".

It's going to take time, but you can learn to reform your eating habits. With time, as you eat smaller portions, your stomach will shrink. I can't eat the way I used to. I'm not perfect. but, you don't have to be perfect to be healthy. you can enjoy your favorite foods as long as you are mindful of the portion. Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control.

So, think about that Asian proverb, try to leave a little space in your stomach when you're eating.

GEORGIEGURLZ SparkPoints: (12,978)
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5/1/12 2:45 P

I recently learned something about myself that I had never realized before. I was at a Birthday Party on last Monday and I saw one of the other guests looking at me with a strange look on her face. I caught her gaze and she kept right on looking at me. I realized at that minute why she was looking at me like that. It was the amount I was eating. I thought about how much I had eaten without even realizing it; I had really, seriously, super pigged out. emoticon I had a feeding frenzy. I felt like a pig afterwards. Bloated and bad.

I eat better by myself. When I eat with other people I tend to eat more. I never realized before that I feel like I am competing for food. So I overeat. There was plenty of food at the party for everyone and alot left over. This is not the first time I have done this. It happens all the time. I just didn't realize 'til the Birthday Party that I had this problem or just how serious the problem was.

My husband is a big eater. He is not overweight. He just eats alot. When I fix meals if I don't get the amount that I want the first round; when I come back sometimes it is all gone. Sometimes he asks if I want anymore before he eats it. I see now that my "food competition" is practiced at home as well as when I am eating with a group.

I was raised in a family of 4 and we didn't have enough to eat alot of times. I remember eating til I was sick when I was a little girl. I did that all the time. When we had food that was different than what we normally had to eat (we would eat the same thing for days sometimes) I called it "good " food; then I really pigged out. This is a hard realization to come to. I have had this problem all my life and now that I know what it is I can deal with it.

I am not going to starve to death. If you saw me you would know it is true. LOL. I can have all the "good" foods I want and need. I raise alot of them myself. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon So it is time to get past this.

I debated with myself wether or not to make this post. Admitting our faults and problems can be hard and painful, but healing also. I feel like I have just bared my soul to the world. I decided to post the blog because if I have this problem, someone else out there probably does too. Does anybody else out there feel like they are competing for food when they eat with other people? Has anybody out there experienced this problem and gotten past it? Looking forward to hearing from my Spark friends.

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