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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,918
9/21/12 2:15 P

The warm up and cool down are burning very minimal calories. You're better off not tracking them and just thinking of them as a bonus :)

Coach Jen

9/21/12 2:12 P

Of course I found it after I whined about it. Maybe the search feature needs to be improved. When I type in "bootcamp cardio sculpt" I would expect the cardio sculpt workout from the 28 day bootcamp dvd to come up first. Instead it is number 15 on the list, and first place goes to "cardio dancing".
I would also love it if the full workouts from the 28 day bootcamp plan were in there, complete with warm up and cool down. I have to be burning some calories during that 10 minutes right? Please? :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,918
9/21/12 1:27 P

Are there specific videos you're looking for? I can check if you tell me some because I thought most (if not all) were in the database.

Coach Jen

9/21/12 7:45 A

Why does the fitness tracker not have all the workouts on the sparkpeople dvds on it? To me it just make sense that the sparkpeople dvds would be fully represented on the fitness tracker. It is very frustrating to finish a workout and not be able to enter it.

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