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RSQBOB Posts: 80
7/6/11 6:05 P

Sounds good. I am thinking that I will first break the 200# mark first then go from there. It is great to see people around my stats originally being able to pull off my goals.

BLUEANDGOLD57 Posts: 1,081
7/6/11 2:19 P

My cardiologist wants me at 200. I want me at 180.

RSQBOB Posts: 80
7/6/11 2:15 P

Sounds good. I am thinking that I will first break the 200# mark first then go from there. It is great to see people around my stats originally being able to pull off my goals.

HGSGUY SparkPoints: (180,892)
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Posts: 2,637
7/6/11 9:26 A

I am 6'1" and to be in the center of the healthy BMI range would put me about 166. I am currently around 179 and my goal was 180. I feel good at this weight. I am not skinny (despite what my wife says) and still have a bit of belly fat. I have been ST and have noticed my weight stays the same, but my body measurements are getting smaller. By body fat is down to around 20-21% it was 29% when I first checked it and when I first hit 180 it was around 24%. I have decided to not change my goal weight, but am going to slide down to 175 and see how that feels and just play it by ear. Bottom line is that I feel great, look good, and am happy where I am!

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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7/5/11 2:21 P

I'm hovering between 159-161 lbs.

I am surprising myself by getting to that weight, which was what I weighed when i graduated from college, and hanging in there. I plan to boost my ST a bit to get some more strength and if that takes me up to a lean and toned 165, I'll be thrilled!

N0_EQL Posts: 627
7/5/11 1:49 P

I love the "They say". I hear it all the time. I always ask: "Who are 'They' and what made them so smart?

That being said, I am 5' 11" and at one point weighted 165 # I had a lot of comments of being too thin.

My goal now is to reach between 175# to 185#. I think I will never again allow my weight to go outside that range once I reach it.

I started in Jan. of this year. I told SP that I wanted to loose 150# by Jan. 2013 (a pound a week). I am actually loosing about 1.5# per week (looks like one thing I have become an over achiever at, lol)

I am learning through SP a new way to live. Before I could NEVER see myself as a gym member. I broke my fibula in Jan. and trying to lift myself with my upper body to get on my foot (right not usable) has become a challenge. Especially at the end of the day. Doing some upper body work to strengthen my arm shoulder and chest mussels.

I am also finding out that as you loose weight you loose cells. The body does not necessarily distinguish between fat and muscle so I am beginning to see the value of weight training to retain muscle mass.

SP is doing for me what I set out to do. Become more self disciplined and change my lifestyle.

Best wishes for your journey. Hope you find as much success her as I have.

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7/5/11 1:04 P

I think that the recommendations are just basic guidelines and that we each have to find our own ideal weight. There was a time in my life when I weighed what I was "supposed" to weigh according to the charts and I was sick. It wasn't a healthy weight for me and I think I ended up losing some muscle in order to make it.

I think it really depends on your muscle mass. You can be all ripped and have 4% body fat and be overweight according to those charts because muscles are heavy. See if you can get your percentage of body fat measured or at least estimated and use that as a guideline instead.

RSQBOB Posts: 80
7/5/11 12:45 P

I started to lose weight when I reached 282 pounds. I am now down to 238 and am feeling great, though I wouldn't dream of stopping my weight loss here. I need to get rid of my man-boobs before I will be happy. A few years ago I got down to 210, from 282. It was awesome and really easy to do (no fast food or burgers and fries). At that time, my fiance (now wife) said that I was feeling too skinny and that she didn't like it. She needed to lose some weight then too, but was not interested to any serious point, so my year long loss from college started to become a gain when i moved back home.

Now she is on board with the weight loss and is really doing great with it and so am I. Doing research to set my long term goals, I read that for a man my height (6'2") i should be around 175. I am not sure If I can do that...I can't even picture what that would look like. I have set my goal to 189 and will go from there. Sparkpeople seems to feel that I should be able to attain 180 by Christmas, so I guess if i keep up with this program this time, I will find out.

How about you guys? Anyone already hit a goal that didn't seem like it would happen, anything really low?

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