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3/27/12 3:07 P

No, but a few weeks ago my daughter's school sent home a letter about mono going around her school! So scary. It's elementary, for pete's sake!

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3/23/12 7:04 P

Just got back from taking my youngest to the doctor. Diagnosis: Fifth Disease What is this? Basically a virus that causes an itchy rash, starting as flushed cheeks. Treatment: Nothing, it's mild so they don't bother to treat it. Just give her Zyrtec during the day and Benadryl at night to keep her from scratching. Why do they call it Fifth Disease? Because it is the 5th most contagious. There are concerns however with those who have blood disorders or if you are pregnant and have been exposed. Anyone else have this going around school? Apparently one case usually transmits into 60% of the class being involved. After a few weeks it just disappears.

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