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1/26/12 6:53 A

Loved it!!! Same thing on me last weekend and AGAIN this weekend.It's life!

SPARKFRAN514 Posts: 52,875
1/23/12 11:23 P

don't beat your self up the event is over just keep going. would it help to eat a healthy snack before you go so you are not going hungry. if it was for a family maybe you could take a snack you could have with you. I know how hard these events can be at times .

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1/23/12 9:54 P

It helped me when I was beginning to set the intention of retraining my tastes, portions and approach to food. I became a vegetarian and worked to eat mindfully. I reminded myself that one small bite of anything was all I needed to know everything about it's taste, texture and to savor that small amount.
It is easier to substitute wisely at home. You may also think about other things when attending events like what you can bring to the conversation. Sometimes I take a camera so I can be busy taking candid photos instead of focusing on the food.
Let your past weekend go and move on making steps in the direction you want to go.

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1/23/12 3:10 P

Yeah this really sucks, this past weekend I succumbed to the lure of all the delicious food before me even though I had decide not to go to this event knowing that I would cave! My daughter convinced me to go even though I told her I did not want to because of this very reason. I do not think I am ready, in fact I know I am not ready to enjoy an event that includes food outside of my home until I actually lose some weight, get my mind right on food intake and gain confidence, that I won't revert to my previous eating habits.

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