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3/28/12 2:38 P

When I started walking I had the same problem. What I do now: Walk as fast as I can for 10 minutes and then stop and sit down and do the old fashioned sitting on the bench exercises and then stand behind the chair and do exercises for about 5-7 minutes then I'm ready to go for another 10 minutes as fast as I can. I walk the mall which is a 1 mile lap, so I walk for .5 miles and take this little break although I'm still exercising. My feet do not hurt anymore and I can walk 3 miles with 6 exercise breaks.

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3/28/12 2:25 P

Here's an Ask the Expert you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

3/28/12 2:08 P

I agree - loosen up your shoes and periodically lift up your feet. You're probably numb from your feet being in a fixed position for a sustained amount of time - I get that numbness when I use the elliptical, too. Pushing my weight through my heels or picking my feet up periodically helps a lot. As for the cramping, I have no idea.

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3/28/12 1:56 P

Maybe shoes tied too tight?

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3/28/12 1:45 P

So here is my issue: when I do treadmill/elliptical I get 10 or 15 mins into it and the bottom of my feet cramp and toes get numb feeling. My traininer/doctors/friends all have idea's and I have or still am doing them all with no help. I gave up for a while and started again 5 weeks ago and hit the gym to try 4 to 5 times a week. Still having the same issue.. I mean after 5 weeks shouldn't it improve a little? I was hoping ot make it 20 to 30 minutes by now.

I am drinking a lot more water and have water to drink as I work out.
I am eatting fruits and veggies daily
My potassium levels are good(just did some testing)
I don't' show nerve issues/no cicurlation issues
I do feet stretching before I start

Any suggestions I haven't listed?

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