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9/12/03 9:22 A

Hey Dana:

Let us know how you're doing.

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9/7/03 12:31 P


I've been up and down for years, but always feel better when I do get into an exercise habit. For some reason (I'm sure the extra oxygen to the brain helps) I feel more like sticking to my eating plan if I feel pumped from the exercise. I have also decided to tackle one food "vice" at a time. I used to drink 2 or 3 cokes a day (leaded with sugar), then I found unsweatened instant ice tea and switched to that each afternoon. Gradually, I've given up on pop. I still have it in my refrigerator in case I want one, but more likely than not the first sip tastes funny. I then look at the experation date (who would have known pop could go bad!) and see that the date was 2 or 3 months ago. One of these days I'll learn to not even buy the stuff. I still have an occasional pop when eating out but from some one who should have bought stock in Coca Cola as a child, I now wouldn't waste my money.

So what is the current food vice I'm working on? Bad carbs. I've gone over two weeks with no more than one meal per week with bad carbs in it. Yes, I'm feeling much better but it takes dedication to eat "healthy".

The moral of all this.... It takes time to change and if you try to make too big of a change at once, you're setting yourself up for failure. I know you can do it if you keep coming here for support!


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9/6/03 9:36 P

You are so right Sandra. It's about making better choices, not being perfect.

One more idea Dana...I used to be starved all of the time. I started spreading out my meals so that I eat about 5 small meals a day, instead of 3 larger ones. Sometimes I can't do it and I'm back to feeling starved. Just a thought.


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9/6/03 9:09 P

Here's what I did to help myself, and so far, so good. I added a goal line that said "Will avoid salty snacks, candy and junk food at work, at least 5 times a week" (I often work 6). So when I achieve that goal, I check it off. Now today, I avoided the bag of Dove Chocolate bites. I did, however, eat some hard candy. I still have given myself credit because it was such a much better choice! I like having this built into my goals. On an average day in my nursing station we have chips, candy, dip, free meals, high cal coffeecake, homemade snacks, and pop. It's the only way I can get a handle on it.


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9/5/03 11:35 P

Hi Dana:

Have you been eating enough calories according to the nutrition program given to you by the SP System? If your weight loss has come to a stop AND if you are "tired of being hungry", it could be that you have been undereating way too often. The SP System gives you a calorie range. Sometimes eat at the low end of the range and sometimes eat at the high end. Then tweak the calories you really need based on how you feel: Always be somewhat satisfied with your food for breakfast, snack, lunch, and snack. Then at dinner, be somewhat satisfied on some days and a little bit not quite there on other days. If you'll go to bed just a little bit hungry only one or two days a week due to a very light dinner, you can benefit from low calorie for burning stored fuel without lowering your metabolic rate and without defeating yourself emotionally in the long run because you've been hungry for days and days and days and days - - THIS NEVER WORKS IN THE LONG RUN. Focus on exercise and healthy eating as these are what are part of your new lifestyle. A favorite quote of mine by fitness professional Larry North: If it isn't worth doing for a lifetime, it isn't worth doing for a day.

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9/4/03 10:11 A

Outstanding advice ET! I like the list. When I am having a hard time, and really want something to snack on, that's when it's hardest to not just grab anything. So like you said, if there is a list of things available, and I can choose, that would work great!

Thanks, Melissa

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9/4/03 10:00 A

The biggest thing I've learned on Sparkpeople is that I don't have to be hungry.

That doesn't mean I can fill up on what I would rather have. It means if I'm hungry I can eat. I fall back on fruit and raw veggies a lot, sometimes salad. Sometimes I have deli turkey,muenster cheese and a couple of olives.

Make your own list of snack and mini-meals foods. Tape it to the fridge or cupboard. I know sometimes when I am bent of running myself off into the ditch its because I've forgotten all the 'legal' possibilities of snacking. Checking my list usually lets me find something I can have without guilt or damage.

If you're just starting you're probably missing some of your favorite comfort foods. If you can identify what you're missing, be sure to have 1 serving per week. But don't think of it as a reward. Think of it as normal eating. No one is going to go without a piece of cake, pie, a cookie, pizza________ (you fill in the blank )for the rest of their lives so learn to incorporate your favorite foods. I always save my favorite for weigh in day. Its a recognition of my effort and a time to remind myself that I AM NOT DIETING!!!! You may find it helpful to increase your daily calories for a week or 2 so you can EASE into the program easier.

Make no mistake though, its hard work. We've all been there and done that! That's why you should come here instead of splurging. We're all cheering for you!!!

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9/4/03 1:02 A

What are the things you crave when you are feeling frustrated and tired of saying no to yourself?

For me it's usually ice cream, or chips. So here's what I have done recently:
The first time I inhaled the entire bag of chips. I even woke up in the middle of the night stressing about what I had done. So I logged it (5 servings!) and found out that while I blew it, it wasn't the end of the world, and I walked 1/2 an hour longer the next day.
The next time I really wanted some ice cream. So I had yogurt instead. I figured if I still wanted ice cream later I'ld have some. But it turns out I didn't want it.

Also sometimes for me having something with some fat in it makes me feel better. Like an english muffin with peanut butter and bananas. But I always measure the peanut butter. I've found my ability to guage how much of something is a serving needs some refining!

So... Please keep posting. I will be looking for you, and wishing you many successes. Oh yeah, that's another thing, give yourself credit for every little thing you are able to do. That feels better than dwelling on the negatives....

See you around,

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9/3/03 10:43 P

Thanks - but I blew it tonight even though I exercised and I went over my calorie intake. I almost made it.

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9/3/03 9:07 P

Hi Dana - welcome to SparkPeople!

It's not easy reaching tough goals, that's for sure.

One thing I'd recommend is to not go toooo hungry. That just makes it more likely you'll give up the fight.

Another thing you can do is keep posting here on your SparkLog. Take a look around at some of the boards, I promise you we have a great group of people here on the boards who love helping others reach goals.

I've seen many people on our boards who go from being pretty bummed out to getting good results and then helping other people reach their goals.


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9/3/03 9:06 P

Dana...the best thing to do is to realize that you are what they call a plateau and it happens to everyone. I think Becky the nutritionist addressess this in her thread. Your body needs to "catch up" and once it does you'll start losing again. You just need to hang in there and keep up the good habits you're building.

As far as being hungry, I wonder if you need to address the kinds of food you're eating? Being hungry all the time doesn't sound like a good place to be for long lasting success. Whole grains and complex carbs are better for you...

Good Luck!

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9/3/03 8:44 P

What do you do when you feel like it worked for a little while but now you feel at a stand still and you just want to eat because it's taking so long and your tired of being hungry?

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