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2/27/12 5:35 P

ty , the wedding was a required civil service in Paris, now , i have to plan the church wedding ! emoticon

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2/14/12 2:11 P

Congratulations! :)

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2/13/12 6:17 P

wish me luck with my wedding, i posted a pic of the table on my blog. Paris requires you to have a civil service first. we will get the church blessing in spring.. drop me a line !!

merci emoticon

SARALEI Posts: 117
2/12/12 12:50 P

That sounds so romantic!

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2/8/12 5:58 P

ty for the post, yes its very cold here, and snowed last nite, 2 inch. May should be very nice too. We are planning on having a church blessing in may or june. i think that is when i wear my full length skirt . emoticon

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
2/6/12 10:31 A

yeah it is winter and cold in Paris now...but Paris on Feb 14 is the most romantic thing possible!!!!

We wanted to get hitched in our home town on Feb 14 but we'll travel abroad on Mar 1 and the new documents won't be available by then and we already made all getting married in May :)

no, you don't need a wedding gown BUT you can get a cute dress (not white, if you don't want to). Stick to neutral and pastel and the classic cuts.

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2/1/12 6:30 P

I am getting married on Feb 14th in Paris. The Hotel de Ville approved our date..all it took was 14 pages of documents ! Due to the length of time it took to get approved, I am now getting married in the dead of winter ! We have to have the legal marriage first here..its at 11am ..I need ideas for the pictures., I do not think a gown is appropriate at the Office Clerk...Plse give me sites of looks ..keep in mind, its our second time, so no pure white.. emoticon

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