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3/25/12 9:10 P

A couple of things that might help:
1. Trust your trainer. I'm a teacher, and I always tell my students, when they complain that the work is "too hard," that I wouldn't ask them to do something I didn't believe they can do - and since I'm the expert, they should just trust me and do it. Usually, they find that while it may be hard, it's still possible, and they can do more than they think they can do. I was terrified of not being able to do what the trainer asked me to do, and halfway through my first session with my current trainer, I had this realization - it's the same thing. I have no idea what my limits are. He's the expert, and it's his job to figure that out and push those limits, just as it's my job to push my students. And he was right - the things he asked were hard, but they were possible, and I can do a LOT more than I thought I could.

2. Communicate your needs. If you're frightened, hurting, overwhelmed... let your trainer know. I was very upfront before my first session that I was totally terrified and I'd been having anxiety attacks all morning that I wouldn't be able to do it. He was super kind about it, did his best to relax me, kept the conversation light, talked to me about breathing and relaxation techniques, and was extremely patient. He also took a lot of time to assure me that this was my session and it would be tailored to my needs and capabilities. He was right. He really, really pushed me (holy crap, was I sore!), but it was exactly what I needed. Same thing yesterday - I wasn't feeling great, I told him so upfront, and he was great about it. Said we'd do as much as we could, but listened to me when I told him something was too much. I still got a great workout anyway, even though I was feeling horrible, because rather than trying to suck it up in silence, I let him know what I needed.

3. Remember that this is a training session, not a marriage. If it doesn't work out, if you don't click, if you butt heads too much, move on. You're paying good money for this. I've worked out with trainers in the past, but none of them motivated me like the one I'm working with now. I always felt before like I wasn't really getting my money's worth. Now I feel like it's worth every single penny. There are plenty of other trainers out there if this one doesn't work out. Don't give up!

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3/25/12 10:17 A

Wow, a trainer. Good for you. Just be sure the trainer is someone you can work with. If you have that, then it will be great fun. Fear is just your response to something new. Recognize it is new. If you need more, call the trainer and ask what you can expect.

Way to go!

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3/24/12 9:23 P

You are stronger than your fear. Make up your mind that emotions will not control you.

3/24/12 9:16 P

always remember that the trainer has your best interests in when they seem mean or extra tough on you, it's for your own good...stick with it and hang in there! they won't make you do something that will hurt you

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3/24/12 2:57 A

communication- if something doesn't work say it out loud.. they can't change stuff if you don't open mouth..

3/24/12 2:44 A

The trainer may be tough on you, but they only do so with the best intentions. Do not take anything personally and listen to all the advise they have for you. They will not judge you and only want you to get healthy! Good luck! I plan to become a personal trainer in the near future myself!

3/23/12 6:27 P

You'll be fine! Remember that trainers are there to help and not to judge.

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3/23/12 6:08 P

HI All! I'm new to this and looking for feedback. I've been working out on my own on and off for about 3 years. I'm just now starting with a trainer and I'm nervous! Any tips or words of wisdom?

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