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10/26/12 10:12 A

Found a really good article here. A good, better, best list of some grocery store choices. I thought it was going to be a garbage one about choosing fat-free salad dressings or going with ground turkey over beef, but the suggestions they have are actually really good.

I also like how it says there's really nothing wrong about going for the better, or even good options, if you don't like the taste/texture of the best option or something

I really liked the one about making your own lunch meat. I love a big, meaty sandwich as a pre woorkout snack, but the sodium content has always conerned me. I think I'll just start grilling some chicken breasts and slicing them thin. I can leave them in the fridge and just grab one to throw on a sandwich when I need it.

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10/4/12 12:39 P

That's a good point NHOYLE1, they really are all aimed at older women. Everything from dietary needs to social stuff. That's why they seem mostly useless to me. You're right, just the wrong demographic

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10/4/12 11:13 A

I especially like the ones on food that rate or give the calories for certain food choices such as gycemic index or protein which makes making choices easyier to make.

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10/3/12 9:30 A

I would agree that I find most of the articles on here not very helpful, but I'm not sure they are garbage. I think they are not really aimed at our demographic though. That is one of the reasons I ask though, because I know I have found some that I used, but for the most part they seem aimed at 40+ females.

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10/3/12 9:16 A

Not really, I find most of the articles here are garbage that only work in Spark's perfect little world. Once in a while I come across a good recipe, but the portion sizes are always pitiful and it seems their biggest way to cut out calories is to limit the protein. There are times I'll take the general idea of the recipe, double the chicken and halve the additions, and then that works ok.

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10/2/12 6:40 P

Are there any articles here on sparkpeople that you have found to be particularly helpful or interesting?

I found this one about food pushers interesting -

I also love cooking, so I am always on the watch for good stuff presented by Chef Meg.

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