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CLOVERGIRL12 Posts: 27
10/3/11 3:36 P

I turned 70 in August, but I certainly don't consider myself Fat & Old in Ohio. I am somewhat overweight, but have managed to drop 19 lbs. since the beginning of July thanks to daily posting of my food intake on and I'm still working to drop 20 more. As to the "old" part, you are only as old as you portray yourself to be. Lots of people tell me I don't look my age---mostly because I dress nicely, Color my hair, and act friendly and interested in people with a smile on my face. I will never consider myself "old" until bad health strikes someday. Since my husband doesn't believe in watching what he eats, most of the time I fix two different meals---one for him and a lighter one for me. I also sneak some fat-free and low-cal foods into a meal that he has no ideal they aren't the higher calorie kind..

10/3/11 1:52 P

Have you seen the new "portion plate"? Perhaps if you show it to her and are excited about the idea of sticking to the idea of only eating what fits in the sections, she will not get hurt feelings. After all, you aren't rejecting her or her cooking, simply the amount!

I hope you both will find the areas of Sparkpeople that will excite you and keep you motivated. Best wishes from Texas!

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10/2/11 5:28 P

Good friends and support are great, but their roll is to support you in YOUR efforts. Have you made the decision to commit to do this? Why or why not?

This site itself will help you with that! Go to the getting started and DO IT!!


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10/2/11 5:19 P

Does anyone on the south shore want to start a walking club???

ACARTER31 SparkPoints: (1,131)
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9/28/11 7:47 P

Hi I am in Abington originally from Dorchester, Ma. I don't want to be Fat and Old in Massachusetts I will turn 60 next August this is my last chance. I want to be thin because I so some pictures of me on Facebook and I couldn't believe how Fat I looked. After last winter I was so depress but this year I will be talking to all my Sparkpeople friends.

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
9/28/11 7:21 P

Good luck on your journey, I wish you and your daughter well on this fitness quest! emoticon

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9/28/11 5:28 P

where are you in Mass?? I'm in So.Weymouth

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9/28/11 1:41 P

Anyways that is how I feel at the moment. I am never going to loose wieght if I do not do this program and make some good friends to get support from and support on here. I live with my daughter and she likes to cook and piles my plate high. It is kind of her to cook, but I have to tell her I will only eat what I plan to from now on. Anybody else working on doing this? I DO NOT WANT TO HURT HER FEELINGS. I have to plan with her from now on as she is overweight too. Our biggest downfall is portion sizes and eating when bored. I am going to show her the site and try to get her to committ to following a diet plan with me......because we eat and cook together.

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