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It IS very difficult to make multiple meals three times a day every day. You don't say how old your son is, or if he has any special dietry requirements (note: not preferences, but REQUIREMENTS), but I'm assuming your husband is a competant adult. I am also going to assume that at least you and he, and hopefully all three of you, have had some (calm, friendly :) brainstorming sessions about how to make things run more smoothly at mealtimes. Maybe read some cookbooks together.

With those assumptions in place, if there's been no willingness to compromise from them, then put your foot down. Be the "mean mom." Because you CANNOT take care of anyone else if you can't take care of yourself. If you are expected to do all the food prep for the family, my response to the crowd is, "This is what is for supper. If you don't like it, you may either take over the duties for the family, or you may prepare your own meal, including cleanup."

I am going to make another assumption that you are also responsible for the grocery shopping. While the prime cook in a household is not always the primary shopper, that tends to be standard. Therefore, if you ARE the primary shopper, purchase those things that you want to cook with or eat. That way, if somebody else DOES choose to take over food prep for the family, your needs are still being met. There are plenty of ways to eat "healthy" and yet enjoyable foods.

And if they don't like your grocery shopping, invite them to do it, too. But you still get to put your stuff on the list.

Edit to add:
You also mention work and temptation. What are you keeping for snacks for yourself? A lot of people do better with small meals/snacks throughout the day, rather than three big meals. You may consider going that route, both to help ward off some of the temptations, and to help with being full. Also, are you getting enough to drink? Specifically, water. For many of us, thirst can mimic hunger.

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I am having such a hard time making 3 meals for each sitting, and of course I would drather eat what my husband is having than what I am having. It is hard cause my son won't eat mine or my husbands meal. My husband don't like healthy. I'm struggling day to day, who am I kidding minute to minute. I leave home to work and when I get to work deal with all kinds of fooods from doughnuts to ice cream and candy it's a constant at work. On top of the stress that makes you want to eat everything ni sight. I do good until I get home in the evenings and then it begins like I have to purge myself of food. I never get full.

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