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8/30/12 12:19 A Richard Johnson M.D. gives a lecture on obesity. He wrote "The sugar Fix". It is well worth listening.

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Many of us have fought against obesety for all of our lives. Such is my case. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been obese. I was made fun of by my peers, and in many cases it hurt so much that I just got depressed, and never did anything about it. Sometimes I even ate just to feel better. BIG MISTAKE, right? Many of you have been throught this! That's why I decided to FACE THE CHALLENGE. I decided to do something about it, and I convinced myself that I can and will do it. So much so that I have never lost weight so fast in my life. And I'm eating a lot more than what I used to.

Well, you know that we eat to feel better, but then the guilt comes in and you stop eating or you eat as little as possible, and then you compulsively exercise just to burn the calories that you just consumed... That's what I did. I became a weight yo-yo. And then came the moment when I gained weight no matter what. I was beating myself and grounding myself thinking that I would see results killing and drilling myself constantly. A self flagellating maniac who did everything wrong to be able to lose weight. Instead, the weight kept coming up. Suddenly, my professional and personal life was affected.

A big moment in my life arrived, but not in a good way. I lost my job and I lost my love life. All in a three month difference. My ex tried to help me giving me motivation to lose weight, but I just thought that he didn't love me anymore. At work, I became a little slower something that you can't be when you work at a supermarket. Then I went back to my old job, being a waittress. Ironically, this opened many doors for me and became aware of the things that I was doing wrong.

Friends can help. My best friends came to me and helped me see the error of my ways by listening to the problems that I was having at the moment. Some of them actively exercise, and started to talk to me about doing cardio and of how good I would feel if I just tried it several times a week. "It doesn't have to be everyday" they'd say. So, I started little by little. I used to weight 293 lbs by May 2011. Starting with this new philosophy and way of life, I had dropped to 286 by December 2011. It wasn't much, but for me it was a start.

I'm a singer, and during this time, I was offered participation in a musical. I auditioned and was immediately accepted. It started in October 2011 and it finished in April 2012. By March 2012 I had started a diet, a somewhat strict regime which allowed me to eat healthyly five times a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. I started exercising more and dropped from March 16 up until now 32.2 lbs from 286 lbs. to 253.8 lbs. With this change, I landed another role in another musical with more presence on the stage and more work backstage.

FACING THE CHALLENGES may be hard, but in the end it's worth it when you see results. It's more than motivation from others. It's self motivation. When you do it yourself, when you make the decision, when you set your own rules and follow them, when you find the Spark and its people, you see that you're not alone and that each step, and each pound you lose gets you closer to the finish line; accomplishing your goals and stepping over the challenges!

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