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4/27/12 11:32 A

Zuzana is awesome. I followed her when she was one of the hosts. Can't go wrong with her. I will have to check out some of her videos.

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4/27/12 6:04 A

ok we have heard of many but this lady is awesome! she has a youtube channel called Zuzkalight and her workouts, diet advice and lovely temperament is so addictive, I have been watching her videos for a long time and only recently have I started to do ear workouts, today I am going to do her ZWOW challenge, can not get the enthusiasm to endure shawn t insanity and tbh her workouts are just as intense and focus a lot on strength training. working out has become an obstacle recently and I have been feeling increasingly guilty about it. I thought I was doing the right things, eating right, exercising a lot!!! I was not losing and hit a spout of depression and hit it hard, ate pizza, stopped working out, the usual.........

Then I gave myself a slap (not literally,lol) and woke up to the fact I just need to re-evaluate my whole process, I was eating right, but was eating too much!!! Then I found and the last 4 days have been great, I can see on the screen where I am going wrong with my food intake. and slowly but surely am getting more enthused about working out again. Zuzkalight is definitely my new fitness guide, here we go! go check her out guys, shes not for the faint hearted mind, her workouts are very intense :) and its FREE!

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