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11/7/12 2:25 P

Its has taken me years to listen to my body. I still have days that I definetely push too far and pay for it but Hey its a struggle either way and I just deal with it. My mom was always telling me to stop pushing myself, dont exercise, you're over doing it... blah blah blah (she also has fibro and and few other medical issues and is overweight). I used to get so crabby when she said all this to me because I didnt want to get to the pain levels she was at and gain weight like that. Now I finally understand she was looking out for me because she knew it was gonna get worse. I now usually listen to my body. My doctor is the best, couldnt ask for better, and he simply said... kiddo, do what you can when you can and stay as active as possible, now get to the gym lol. love him to pieces.

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10/30/12 9:10 A

Tammi and Ange good for both of you for keeping moving!! I have severe osteoarthritis due to long term lyme disease, and I need a knee replacement. I find the more i move the more mobility i have..but if i overdo i am down for a couple days. Finding the right balance and listening to your body is a huge thing with this!!
Keep on are doing great!!

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10/22/12 10:16 P

so many aches and pains lately but from my past experience I know that I will feel so much better once I get moving and lose some weight. I recently found out that I also have tennis elbow and today I injured the forearm on my other arm... ugh... dr appt tomorrow. I am determined to lose the weight this time and keep it off!!!!!

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10/22/12 6:29 P

emoticon on moving as much as you are able. We agree that it is important and encourage everyone to not let injury, chronic pain or mobility issues stop them from exercising. Use these resources to work out safely within your limitations.

Limited Mobility Lifestyle Centers

Coach Tanya

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10/22/12 9:23 A

I am on week 1 of my fast break. As long as I do my walking and house cleaning by 11:ooam I can usually handle the aches, pain and soreness of my fibromyalgia and rotated sciatic joint. Since starting fast break I have lost 2lbs this week and overall I am hurting less than usual. By the end of the day though I am out of commission and glued to the couch in pain. Recording my food intake has been a priceless tool. Just because you are disabled does not mean you can't do a little bit per day. I am pacing myself and my goal is to be able to jog. Wish me luck!

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