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Yes, Sparks pushes it all of the time, and you can find extra points offered on the Spark Points page. I'm to frugal to waste money on any of those things, but if they help others then I'm glad. I go to yard sales and find all types of exercise equiment and items that people spend money on and never use. I'm just not one to waste any money.

I do have two 10# kettlebells and love them. They were worth the money. I want to buy a set of Indian Clubs as IZZYBARISH on YouTube has great videos on using them & making yourself more flexible in the upper arms and shoulders.

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4/7/13 11:57 P

I am the worst ever with exercise. I'm just not a gym person. I know I need to move more but haven't been motivated to do it. Last week on FB one of the people I work with on another coast posted a note about how many steps she walked that day thanks to her fitbit.

I asked her what the heck a fitbit was and she sent me to I decided to go buy one, and went to Best Buys and picked one up. It tracks your steps each day, and you can connect to your other friends that are using one and see how you're doing against their steps.

I've only had it about 5 days now but it's really made me realize I have to move or look pretty bad. I told a few friends and they got one already. My one friend started out with over 12000 steps in one day because she was at one of the Animal parks and did a lot of walking. That motivated me more to move too.

I just found tonight that this little fit bit links over to Spark People so you can share. IF you've not heard of it yet check it out at IF you get one and want to invite me to be your friend, let me know and we can track each other.

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