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7/23/12 12:38 A

I searched everything I could think of for a group in my area. Came up with nothing, so I made my own group. For some reason it doesn't show up when I browse it myself, even when I put in the exact title for the group: Get to it Guelph!
Not sure what I've done wrong, thought maybe I should just change the title to my city name, but can't quite figure out how to change that either. Guess I'll just keep working on it.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,776
7/22/12 9:45 P

Your area should have a team... is that what you searched for?

ESCHLETZ SparkPoints: (23,979)
Fitness Minutes: (29,430)
Posts: 960
7/22/12 9:37 P

I've checked the different groups, did a search for my area, and came up blank. Hoping there's some other people in Guelph, Ontario, Canada who might be interested in working out together to help keep each other motivated.

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