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7/3/12 9:33 P


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7/3/12 8:10 P

Great things happen a step at a time or a cycle at a time! emoticon

Congrats with the blood results. They don't lie. You are in great shape, keep on keeping on.

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7/3/12 5:07 P

NESTISEMPTY: Congratulations on getting that HDL up and the LDL down. I started riding bikes just three weeks ago and have been changing my eating habits for eight weeks and down 29 pounds. I still have a lot to go and at a plateau now but not giving up. My cholesterol has dropped significantly and I was so excited when my total was 156, LDL was 98 but then my HDL dropped to 35. This is the best total cholesterol and LDL numbers in pretty much my entire adult life, but how do I get the HDL up? I am inspired that I can get it up to a good place as you did. Not a salmon eater but thinking about fish oil pills maybe. Anyway, awesome job and keep that Spark going!

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6/27/12 2:05 P

NESTISEMPTY, regarding the "best part" bicycle ride, what a wonderful world you have created for yourself by living this healthy lifestyle. Your example serves as inspiration to those around you, not to mention the global reach of Sparkpeople.

I know I don't need to spur you on, but here it goes anyway: Spark On!

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6/27/12 12:12 P

woo hoo way to go!

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emoticon You DO have reasons to celebrate! Great job on all fronts, NESTISEMPTY!! emoticon

6/26/12 6:52 P

The change in lifestyle that we have been working on for the past 9 1/2 months is having a positive effect in many ways. Along with losing nearly 50 pounds and now being at a healthy BMI, the blood test showed that I had a great blood cholesterol result, all without needing to take medication.

My cholesterol has generally been good, but unfortunately for as long as I can remember, I have struggled to attain a good HDL reading. For some reason, darn genetics, low HDL has been a problem. For the first time ever, my HDL was not only in the good range, my LDL dropped below 100 and the HDL:LDL ratio is at a very good point.

As my doctor put it, apparently my body likes the fact that I have lost the weight that I have and is rewarding me with an increase in the HDL and lowering the LDL.

Here is the best part, rather than driving 3.5 miles to the doctors office on an absolutely beautiful late June day, I rode my bike and then proceeded to ride to the library to drop something off before returning home.

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