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2/25/12 10:26 A

Agree but the good news is we can change it around.. Life is choices and if we want to help others- perhaps take time out, try something else for a job and get yourself sorted out.. It will hurt like hell grilling others if one is hugely at odds with own self..
Take the pressure off and then return to your vocation more happy with yourself.. You don't need upset customers smacking it up in your face and what about yourself? If struggling these type of people can make the house fall down around our ears..


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2/24/12 5:26 P

WichyGirl good for you for "saying it outloud"
I was very successfu in 2010, l lost 60lbs. changed jobs in 2011 to a very stressful job and found out I am a stress eater...1 year later 40lbs came back before I had a serious heart to heart melt down (last week) with myself about it. I started by making a list of changes I can make to take stress off myself. This week I ate right, I asked for help at work, I planned my day better and I stepped away from time to time. It has helped. I also made a plan for change, this week I focused on my food, next week is adding the gym back into my routine 3 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday to start once I am back in swing with those 2 things for a couple weeks I will try to get back in to my couch to 5K program on non gym days. I plan to sing up for Mother's day 5K.
I make small attainable goals for myself and reward myself sometimes with a physical thing, a pedicure, a new outfit, or just the great feeling of making it to your goal!
We all need help sometimes! Glad you are seeking it!

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2/24/12 12:55 P


What you're experiencing isn't unusual. As a caregiver, the needs of your patients always come before your own needs. We all know the dangers of smoking, but how many doctors and nurses still smoke ? I can't tell you how many times I've walked past a hospital to see so many professionals smoking. So, you can't beat up on yourself.

You need to be kind to yourself as you would to others. Don't look at weight loss with an all or nothing mentality. Give yourself credit for the positive things you do for yourself and try not to beat yourself up over the negatives.

One thing I would recommend is having some fresh fruit at your desk at all times. Put out a big bowl not only for yourself, but to offer your patients. Get some grapes, oranges, pears, etc... buy whatever is on sale so that whenever you do feel an urge to snack, have a piece of fruit. That's one small step in the right direction. It's also a visual cue to help you from shall we say, straying. It'll also show your patients that you're making an effort too.

As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for the positive things you do during the day and don't beat yourself up if you're not perfect. No one is perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

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2/24/12 12:50 P

Reaching out for help is a big step. If you are like most of with eating disorders, you just plane like food. Or, you eat for your emotions. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to get better. Don't be hard on yourself. Just think about it as teaching yourself while you are teaching others. Hang in there !!!

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2/23/12 5:03 P


I was an 80 pound obese pediatric nurse and I, too, knew what to do. However, being overweight is so much more than the food we eat and the activity that we do or don't do--there is that emotional component. Let's face it, food makes us feel better. It can be a sense of comfort. And because it is so convenient, we have full access to it at any time.

Let's face it we are bombarded with food on a daily basis. From the fast food restaurants we drive by every day to the commercials showing ooey gooey treats, even many of our family celebrations are centered around food. However, whenever we are beginning to make changes it does seem as though we are a tad obsessed. The reason, we have to unlearn years and years of unhealthy habits and replace them with new healthier option.

My running coach once told me..."In order to break a habit and replace it with a new one, you must constantly make yourself aware of everything that you do, until one day you no longer have to think you just do."

This is why planning is so crucial when it comes to embracing a healthy lifestyle. It truly takes the guess work out. In other words, we start with say 1500 calories and then start subtracting. However, once we start entering our food we realize we have eaten all our calories and it is only 4 pm and we still haven't had dinner--and we know we can't go more than 18 hours without eating so we promise to try again tomorrow. Trust me, I was the Queen of Do Overs!

The idea with planning is, it allows us to sit down one day a week and plan our are taking away the obsessive attitude on a daily basis because you know what you are going to eat and when. It also allows you to work in a nice treat here and there with no guilt attached.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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2/23/12 4:52 P

Ok so I'm putting this out there, I'm a nutrition educator and I'm suppose to be the one that people come to for help when they fall off the wagon and cant seem to stay on that path to eating healthy. I cant seem to practice what I preach, wow so I said it; I am having a hard time just like anyone else. How can I help someone else to eat sensible when I myself who know better on how to eat and I cant even follow what I already know. Seriously, I so need to vent, and everytime I get upset with myself I eat more. To all those out there who think we as health practioners are perfect; we arent by any means. I struggle everyday with my weight just like everyone else...

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