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10/30/12 1:18 A

MS0669-Years ago, my whole family was on me to lose weight. I went from a size 28 to a size 14, and they started telling me at size 18 that I was getting too skinny. I am 6'1" so I carry a size 14 pretty well.

I don't get those problems now. Now, I have a sister who gets upset when I lose weight, as she is not loosing weight.

ASHLEYRX12 SparkPoints: (4,472)
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10/30/12 1:07 A

You know what you're eating, and if it is healthy... you didn't get this far with no knowledge about how to keep your body going safely. Keep doing your thing, and enjoy how far you've come! Yes, I would say your doc would be the best place to go - ask him/her straight up if they think you are over-doing it if you are truly concerned after evaluating your lifestyle.

Funny how they care out lour when you're too small, but only on the inside when you're too big. Either way can be dangerous if taken to the extreme... but you know your limits. Hang tight to what you've accomplished! You're a great inspiration!

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10/30/12 12:11 A

I had ti deal with the same thing twice. I get around127 and I am too skinny according to my husband's family, but when I'm up to 163 like right now, no one says anything. Its almost like they fell guilty because I lost the weight, working full time with children they dont have any excuses. I hate telling them about my weight loss efforts because they just try to push more food my way...I feel ur pain.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,009
10/29/12 10:08 P

Boy, your father was right.

BECCABOO127 SparkPoints: (87,769)
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10/29/12 11:37 A

My sister knew I had metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance long before it became popular to know. So many docs didn't know how to test for it, and kept on telling me I was fine based on my blood glucose readings, when I wasn't.

So good for you for being proactive, Jibbie, and figuring it out! My pops used to say, "look out for number one (you), as no one else is going to do it for you." lol

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,009
1/26/12 7:30 P

You have done great, but after reading Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" I realize that I have Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance and that I have to stay away from sugar/starches. Processed food is just bad for me.
I know some people work on breaking stalls by doing "protein days" like have just steak, or they have just fruit, etc.
It is often about doing SOMETHING different.

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
1/25/12 3:51 P

Honestly, you’ve only been with SparkPeople 11 months and you’ve accomplished all this? Congratulations! Seriously, you deserve an enormous amount of encouragement and acknowledgement!

Your goal, to have a BMI in the "NORMAL" range, is certainly laudable and well worth the effort you’ve put in! Your current BMI of 26.5 is, as you note, still overweight, but I have to believe you both feel and look better than you have at any time in your life, even with that final 15 lbs. to lose.

Like you, I have been obese most of my life and I suspect you are correct when you say that people are not used to seeing you like this. Do not waste your time with annoyance toward “close friends” and family who choose to find fault with your efforts and your success. They are either jealous or simply afraid that your accomplishment will allow you to move on to places in your life that they may never have the chance to go! They may fear that you will leave them behind, or find new friends who, like you, choose to take care of themselves, to choose health over obesity. Take time to savor your happiness, your healthy life and the life-long benefits you will reap from such a focused effort to change your habits and your life for the good!

Trust your doctors, your husband and the people who are training with you. Do not stress over losing your last 15 lbs., this effort will not be the hardest part of your journey. What will be hard is the choice to not give up on yourself and your dreams; your commitment to your own future as a healthy person! If you are on a plateau, relax and enjoy your accomplishments to date. Use this place in your life to focus on “maintenance” and to appreciate all you have done. The additional weight will go when you are ready to release it, with happiness and joy, not anger or frustration! Take the words, “as good as I can get” and relish them! Even though weeks may have gone by without any movement on the scale, weight is not the only measure of your success!

Consider how you feel each morning when you get up, how much easier it is to move, to climb stairs, to enjoy life! Remember how tight clothes used to be and think how much more fun you have now when you shop for jeans! Look in the mirror and give yourself the credit you deserve! Love your life and have confidence in yourself that you WILL FINISH THIS RACE! It is a marathon, not a sprint!

I, for one, applaud your 128.8 pounds lost! Continue managing your life as a strong, healthy, self-nurturing woman! These are attributes that will carry you through the rest of your life!!

Well done!

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1/25/12 12:45 P

I have been with Spark People for almost 11 months now and I think I am doing okay losing weight and getting into shape. My goal when I started was to have a BMI in the "NORMAL" range a 24 to be exact. I do understand that I have been "Obese" most of my life and that people are not used to seeing me like this, not even in high school. But I am so annoyed that close friends and even family are telling me that I have gone overboard with my weight loss and that I need to stop because I am looking sick. My BMI is 26.5 which is still overweight and I only have 15lbs to lose. I think losing these last 15lbs are going to be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and it's getting harder and harder when I am being told to quit on a daily basis. I keep telling myself that if I was really looking sick that my doctors, husband or the people I am training with would tell me so. I have to be honest there are many days that I am ready to just call it and say this is as good as I can get since there are weeks that have gone by without any movement on my scale no matter what I do. Has anyone else come across these issues and what did you do to have these so called friends and family undersrtand being healthy and skinnier than someone else is not a bad thing

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