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9/4/12 2:29 P

Congratulations !


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9/4/12 2:25 P

Soooooo.... I was freaking out over nothing. The manager (and most of the other employees) loved me and I was offered a job on the spot. I'm pretty excited!

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9/4/12 9:06 A

I find a spritz of Bach Rescue Remedy is really helpful for anxiety.

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9/4/12 8:51 A

Thanks for all your kind words and advice! I'm still pretty nervous, and I have all day to fret over it, but... whatever, I guess. I'll try some breathing stuff. I'm already acquainted with the interviewing manager so hopefully that will help me relax a bit.

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9/4/12 8:11 A


NOTHING is wrong with you ! I'm experiencing the exact same issues. Long story short, I was laid off in July. For the last two months, I've been applying to jobs and going out on interviews hoping to get a new job.

Believe me, being out of work, writing cover letters and going on interviews IS extremely stressful. But, I'm going to tell you, what my friends have been telling me. You have to relax.

Many people do get worked up about how they look for an interview. And you do have to look professional. However, most employers pay closer attention to how you talk rather than how you look. You don't want to go ummm... ah.... Try to avoid those types of pauses.

Yes, you're trying to sell yourself. That means you've got to show that you have confidence when you speak. Because here's the thing, if you umm or ahh too much, that person is going to wonder if you have enough confidence and self assurance to do the job. that's why you need to be yourself. Pretend that your talking to your best friend. How would you the same questions if your best friend were asking them ?

I won't tell you to picture the person naked. there are some people you don't want to see naked. LOL !!! The point, I know you're applying for a job and need to be professional, but you have to try to make your conversation as normal as possible. which is why you need to relax.

I had an interview last week. I was really worked up over it. I was worried how I would answer certain questions. I was worried I'd look like an idiot. What happened ? As I was walking to the interview, I told myself I just needed to be myself and everything would be okay. You know what ? It was OKAY ! the interview went great. Did I get the job ? No. however, the manager who was interviewing me was impressed enough for forward my resume (with comments) to two other departments. I'm still up for a job with the company, but it's going to be a better position than the one I applied for.

I'm still a bit anxious. but, I'm trying to stay positive that things will work out. You need to stay positive too.

Don't worry ! You're going to do great, just try to be yourself. Play up all your POSITIVES. If a person asks you a question you're not sure how to answer, it's okay to take a minute to think over your response. Just say,"let me think about that for a moment". Taking a moment to compose your response is better than blurting out a bunch of ummms. Interviewers don't like that. Tell them how awesome you are at customer service ! Tell them how you helped customers have a better experience at your previous job.

Good luck ! you'll be fine !

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9/4/12 7:27 A

Hello, I too suffer from anxiety, and know how awful it can be. It comes on in different ways for me, but each bout is a stomach wrenching, pulse pounding, arm pit sweating event that can go on for minutes or an entire day. It is very draining, both mentally and physically, and if left untreated, is very bad for your overall health. Some things that help me are laying off the caffeine...this is tough for me because I love my strong morning coffee, positive self talk...sometimes I even write myself little notes at work, going on a quick walk...exercise really does help, and drinking tons of water. There have also been times when I have had to use prescribed anti-anxiety medication. It can be very helpful. For me, if my body gets "trapped" in the state of anxiety for a long time and I can't seem to shake it, meds have been wonderful at helping me move past it. Most importantly, know that you are not alone and if you find that anxiety is interfering with the quality of your life, think about seeing your doctor to talk about options. One last bit of advice that gets me through nerve wracking moments: fake it until you make it! If I go into a situation where I am scared out of my mind (for example, presenting in a meeting at work) I walk in and assume a persona of confidence and organization. Inside I am losing my mind, but my colleagues don't need to know that! Well, best of luck to you, you can do it!!

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9/3/12 11:18 P

Hi - what you are experiencing is actually quite common - it is called nerves! You know that you go off food and then you get shaky and makes your anxiety worse - simple answer .... EAT! You may not feel like a big or normal sized meal, but you can get around this by nibbling - try a small handful of nuts and seeds, try a piece of fruit - a pot of yoghurt, etc. This won't necessarily make you feel full, but they will help to keep your sugar levels etc. at an even keel.

You KNOW that you are good at customer service ..... so SELL YOURSELF! Use positive affirmations rather than telling yourself the negative stuff.

You say "I really just need to know that I'm not a complete failure and that I won't let stress overwhelm me if I actually get the job." Well not only are you not a COMPLETE failure, but you are NOT a failure AT ALL!! Practice breathing techniques for relaxation. Concentrate on your breathing by placing one hand on your lower abdomen and the other on your chest. Check which hand is moving in/out - odds are at the moment it is the upper hand. Focus on your breathing and focus on you LOWER hand being the one that is moving. That can actually work wonders with anxiety issues, and encourages good oxygenation of your body, whereas the other way deprives it.

Sleep aids are not the best idea immediately prior to an interview - can cause you to come across as sleepy/groggy/don't care!

Where it comes to your Dr you need to tell him/her that he/she needs to listen to you. Exercise - particularly out in the fresh air can do a lot of positive things for depression/anxiety issues, and so too with Therapy. Good nutrition with a balance of healthy foods (good protein, plenty of fruit/veges, particularly dark leafy greens) and healthy fats help a lot with moods, too, because you are providing the nutrients your brain and body needs to help maintain good mental and physical health. You tried Therapy, but I kinda get the feeling that it didn't work?? IF this was the case, did you just not jell with the Therapist? Did you go to more than one or two sessions? Sometimes to chose a Therapist who is a good fit for us, we have to shop around just like when we are buying clothes. There needs to be a good fit personality wise as well. There are ways/means of obtaining free or very cheap help and if this is problem for you, let me know and I will provide you with some links which could help!

Good luck for you job interview and remember RELAX AND HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES!!


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9/3/12 10:28 P

I have a job interview tomorrow at Starbucks.

I am nervous. I am terrible at trying to make myself sound awesome. I am so full of snark that it's difficult to be the bright, bubbly person they need me to be, that I know I am deep down inside somewhere (under all the mountains of bitter, bitter chocolate and broken dreams). But I AM awesome at customer service, hence why I'm interviewing at Starbucks.

But I'm terrified.

When I'm terrified like this, I can't eat.

When I can't eat, I get shaky and it makes my anxiety worse.

Then I get a headache.

Then I really can't eat.

Grrrruuuhhhhh. I really just need to know that I'm not a complete failure and that I won't let stress overwhelm me if I actually get the job. I know the interview questions for the most part already, I'm very retail savvy and interview questions for these jobs are almost always the same. I'm just... I don't know. I always get like this before a "big day" even if that "big day" is registering for classes.


I hope they give me health insurance so I can finally go to a doctor who will LISTEN to me about my anxiety instead of brushing it off and telling me to go to therapy (tried it) or exercise more (doing it, not helping).

I'm so hyped up that I took an OTC night time sleep aid, and now I'm freaking out about that! This is the worst. :K

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