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TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
6/27/12 4:48 P

JEANNEBOYD1 - great job! I'm glad you have found such good results.

JNJ300 - makes sense to me! I am often the same way. Every time I go for Mexican food I always order fajitas and seem to do fine with them. If I'm being good, I won't eat the tortillas and will just eat them by themselves (hard to do!). Most of the really cheesy, greasy meals hurt my stomach, so I avoid ordering them.

I have noticed that my stomach isn't as sensitive as it used to be. I used to feel miserably bloated after eating a serving of whole wheat pasta. I can eat it now and only feel that way if I eat too much of it (like more than a serving). I also used to not be able to eat almonds or pistachios or I felt very puffy, and now they are one of my most common snack! I can usually very easily tell if a food is giving me headaches, but I'll be curious to see if I learn of any other triggers.

JNJ300 Posts: 50
6/26/12 8:18 A

I have noticed that Mexican restaurants are really bad news for my gut, and my stomach does somersaults afterwards, emoticon so no more Mexican restaurants for me! (I suppose I could find some good food choices there but for now I just avoid them.)

JEANNEBOYD1 Posts: 482
6/25/12 11:15 P

My doctor wanted me to do that, but I found that cutting out processed and prepared foods and restaurant foods nearly eliminated all my allergy symptoms. Hooray!

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
6/25/12 10:56 P

Good luck and I hope you find relief! It seems challenging to make big diet changes, but I suppose it's like going from eating junk all the time to going healthy. I plan to look up lots of tasty recipes so I don't feel deprived or bored.

JNJ300 Posts: 50
6/25/12 9:41 P

I'm thinking of going on an elimination diet to help find the source of my IBS. I've been to a gastroenterologist, who did a bunch of tests and said nothing is wrong with me, so just take Metamucil regularly. I'm not thrilled with that answer so I'm reading up on elimination diets.

I'm intrigued by the Whole30 Program which you can read about here: - you can find a lot of free information on that website, even if some of it comes across like a sales pitch. It lists are some good resources and recipes here:

The Whole30 Program sounds healthy, but a pretty drastic change from my current diet, so I'm not sure if I'll go through with it. Good luck with your quest.

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
6/25/12 9:20 P

Thank you all for your replies! I realize that my question really was not worded well... and perhaps should have been geared more towards food sensitivities. Jeng829 - this is exactly what I meant. More things that might not necessarily be an allergy, but makes me feel tired, bloated, or achy. I was just needing some general advice on giving up some foods and finding replacements. No worries - I see my doctor again tomorrow. I will get plenty of information. I just like to hear real life tips when possible. I do know some friends who follow a similar diet to the modern paleo diet, so I can talk to them too.

I think the term "elimination diet" can sometimes be used too loosely and even I did it this time! I remember my neurologist using this term when talking about giving up certain common headache/migraine triggers temporarily to see if they are causing them for you. I guess it's more learning about your food sensitivities. I really wish there were an easy test to take to see everything that would trigger a migraine. The doctor I am talking about this time is not a nutritionist, but they mentioned this because of my daily headaches. It might not even be related to food, but they just suggested a few other ideas. I do not believe I have any actual food allergies, thankfully!

Take care everyone!

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ANARIE Posts: 13,205
6/25/12 8:59 P

It sounds like you're working with a GP who has heard about elimination diets and thinks that's all s/he needs to know, or else a GP who thinks you're whining about nothing and a complicated diet will shut you up. Neither scenario is good for you. Ask for a referral to an actual allergist so you can go about this the right way. As Becky said, you have to have some idea at least of what general type of allergy you might have, so you're not eliminating everything all at the same time. You're not allergic to *everything*, and some lab tests can quickly narrow it down at least to animal, vegetable, or mineral. In two or three office visits, you could save months or even years of blind experimenting.

6/25/12 5:40 P

Elimination diets are "not" the first step to take in diagnosing a food allergy or celiac disease. An referring a member to do so, is not in the scope of this site, our members, or our experts. It could also be dangerous in preventing someone from finding accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Sometimes an oral food challenge is required, but it should only be done under close "medical supervision" !!

For the approved protocols used to diagnose and treat food allergies, go to:
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.
The summary of the complete report can be found at:

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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6/25/12 4:11 P

Elimination diets are great for finding out how your body reacts to specific foods. Sometimes allergy testing does not catch every sensitivity - for example, many people with gluten intolerance test negative for celiac disease and negative for wheat allergies. It's only 2-3 weeks, so becoming a social outcast shouldn't be a problem in such a short time :)

Seems like eggs, meat, fish, veggies & fruit will be the base of the diet. Are you able to eat salads without getting ill? Those can be varied quite a bit - top with grilled chicken or hard boiled eggs, avocado, whatever sounds good to you. Also, if you need starch, potatoes may work - use a nondairy milk & garlic for creamy garlic mashed potatoes.

If you go out with friends, you can always order a burger or chicken sandwich without the bun, or use lettuce instead of bread. Most "paleo" recipes will be grain & dairy free, so that might help you with ideas.

If the Dr didn't give specific instructions on how/when to reintroduce foods, you might want to call back for advice on that. I know socially people can give a hard time about these things - even on SP people have given me trouble for eliminating things from my diet, but once I found the few things that affected me negatively & cut them out, I felt awesome. And that's what really matters... Having that knowledge and making choices for yourself. Sorry for the novel LOL. Good luck!

6/25/12 3:03 P

usually one is tested for food allergies, and then based on the results an elimination diet is prescribed to determine the exact foods and amounts that may need to be adjusted in the diet.

Based on what you are sharing, your doctor is not using standard protocol for food allergies. I understand your confusion, elimination diets are tricky. Ask your doctor for more clariety or for a referral to see a Registered Dietitian, or a referral to a board certified allergiest.

SP Dietitian Becky

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6/25/12 2:38 P

I think it would be really helpful to meet with a registered dietician or a naturopathic doctor to help you formulate a meal plan for an elimination diet.

My sister has done elimination diets before; she is a naturopathic medical student. I think the way it works is you eliminate all of the possible allergens (sometimes including nuts, soy, certain fruits or veggies) and gradually add them back into the diet one at a time. Perhaps you can put rice milk in your morning smoothie temporarily.

I think the key to sticking to this will be to eat at home before you go to a gathering, and pack snacks with you that follow the diet. Since it sounds as if you're trying to identify allergens and stomach upset, it's probably important that you stick to it. They probably recommend avoiding diet soda during an elimination diet because both fake sugar and caffiene can upset some peoples' stomachs.

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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/25/12 2:31 P

Hmmm, I've never had to do this, other than starting my kids on solids one at a time to make sure they're not allergic! Not quite the same. After talking to your doc, I think I'd start with a list of foods you can eat and see what you can do with it. Make a list and see what you could put together from it.

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
6/25/12 2:18 P

I might be trying an elimination diet for possible food allergies and things relating to inflammation (per my doctor's recommendation) and wanted to see if others could offer some tips. Such a diet would be for 2-3 weeks without corn, grains, and dairy. They also suggested cutting out artificial sweeteners like aspartame and even cutting back on the caffeine. I was a bit puzzled about the coffee since I didn't think that was bad, but I suppose it's my decision what I choose to give up and keep.

I do know I am sensitive to milk. I buy lactose-free milk but I make a protein shake with it every morning. I look forward to that meal every day. I would have to give that up. I can eat cheese and eat it occasionally. I eat sprouted grain bread, but I found some grain-free recipes. I don't eat corn often, but I'm sure it's an ingredient in many foods. I absolutely love diet sodas and usually have 1 per day. All of this would have to go!

I'm not too sure what a typical day would look like. I also think it sounds really challenging, because I can't eat a lot of fruits and veggies. It upsets my stomach to have them on an empty stomach or have too many, and fruit can give me sores in my mouth from the acid (very sensitive to this). I plan to talk to my doctor for more ideas, but can anyone share some tips? I also don't plan to start yet because I'm cooking flatbread pizzas for a group of friends this weekend. I also struggle around others. I really don't want to be "that person" that doesn't eat around anyone else because they have a special diet. I have a coworker like that and absolutely understand, but others view him as picky and rude. It's sad!

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