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5/3/13 5:43 P

It all depends on your cholesterol levels. When I ate eggs 4 times a week, my cholesterol zoomed sky high. My doctor threatened to put me on medication but I begged her to give me 3 months and I could lower it. She laughed at me but eventually agreed. Within 3 months I managed to get my cholesterol level down to a normal range. She was impressed. What did I do? I stopped eating eggs (with yolk) and ate only egg whites. Plus, I no longer ate eggs 4 times a week.

Now I can egg a whole egg at least once or twice a week without it affecting my cholesterol level and I am enjoying it tremendously.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,403
5/3/13 1:16 A

First off, dairy comes from cows. The eggs we eat typically come from chickens, but you can also get duck, Ostrich, and quail eggs at stores like Whole Foods. Since Mama Moo Moo never laid an egg, eggs are NOT dairy.

Now that that's out of the way, I should say that eggs are incredibly healthy for you. In fact, eggs are one of the most complete foods you can eat- yolk and all. It is full of nutrients, healthy fats, and protein. Plus, there's no solid scientific evidence that eating eggs raises your cholesterol, and in fact, eggs may actually increase your HDL levels (that's the good cholesterol!)

Now, if you want a large amount of volume in a meal, then going with egg whites (or even a combination of whole eggs and egg whites) is a good choice, but keep in mind that the yolk contains most of the nutrition of the egg. I would avoid egg substitute, however. A lot of it has coloring and flavoring added. The 100% liquid egg whites are fine if you are interested in volume, but don't want to waste the yolks, however. (It's still probably cheaper to buy whole eggs; besides, I've heard egg yolks are great for your hair).

Besides, if you really think about it, how can a man-made food-like product be an improvement over something that comes from nature?

STEPBYSTEP_ Posts: 777
5/3/13 1:00 A

Sounds good to me! I tried frying an egg in a lot less oil and well ... that was definitely not a good idea because most of it stuck emoticon eggs got a bad wrap a few years ago but seem to have made a come back from what I can tell

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5/2/13 9:29 A

emoticon Thank you everyone for the feedback. Much appreciated!

Have a great day! emoticon


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5/2/13 5:35 A

I think eggs, no matter whole or whites or "beaters", are good for me just in moderation.

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4/29/13 1:36 P

I'm hardly a master of nutrition, but what you're doing sounds okay to me! Protein and fat like that will fill you up longer, so you don't eat so much throughout the day. If you're that worried about it, you can always do egg whites!

As an aside, my fiance eats tons of eggs and butter and everything that is slam full of cholesterol and has flawless blood pressure, HDL, and LDL levels. So not fair. But he did construction for most of his life and is very outdoorsy, so I imagine his activity level has something to do with it.

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4/29/13 1:17 P

Personally I don't do dairy, but I have friends that swear by organic/raw eggs (not raw as in not cooked- raw as in the chickens being grass fed)

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4/29/13 12:48 P

I believe it is in the way you cook the eggs that make them healthy or unhealthy. Poached eggs are incredibly healthy. Fried eggs? Not so much. Deviled eggs are healthy and a fantastic alternative to fried eggs.

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4/26/13 8:54 A

Hello. So, many articles I read about healthy eating are conflicting when it comes to whether eggs are a do or a don't. Currently, I eat 1 egg a day at breakfast. For example, this morning I had eaten a fried egg in 1tsp extra light extra virgin olive oil on a piece of extra fiber whole wheat toast with 1 turkey sausage link. I like to think that this is healthy, but I want to get the opinion of others. What do you all think when it comes to eggs?


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