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4/29/12 10:49 P

Don't go to starvation mode

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4/6/12 12:58 P

Eating fewer than your recommended calorie range not only won't help you lose faster, it can hurt your body tremendously.

Remember that you're given a range for a reason... it's okay to eat anywhere within it! Many people have found it's more helpful to eat at the top of their range on more active days, and at the bottom on the less active days. Your minimum is a minimum... not where you should be eating all the time. 1200 is very low, and the lowest possible range here... it isn't appropriate for most people, especially anyone that's exercising. Only sedentary and very slight women. At your weight, it's almost certainly not enough, and most likely you've either set a too-aggressive timeline for your weight loss you may not have set up your other goals correctly.

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4/6/12 12:55 P


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4/6/12 10:40 A

Thank you for your comment. I am increasing calories this week to at least 1200.

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4/6/12 10:21 A

When I hit my last plateau, I increased my intake of food and I started losing again. You just have to figure out what works best for YOU! Good Luck

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4/6/12 10:12 A

You need to eat at least the minimum number of recommended calories because without that amount of food, you won't get enough of the important nutrients you need. That's especially true if your minimum is 1200, because even an expert dietitian and planner couldn't nourish you properly with less.

But it's about health, not about weight loss. One week of being a little below your minimum can have a number of effects (like making you MUCH more likely to lose control and binge), but it won't stop you from losing weight.

Going a week or two without losing weight doesn't mean anything. It's normal. Weight loss doesn't happen in a straight line. You'll have weeks when you don't lose or when you even gain, even if you do everything "perfectly" as far as eating and exercise. Our bodies aren't simple machines; there are hundreds of things that can influence your weight on a given day. If a "plateau" lasts for more than 4 to 8 weeks, then you might start worrying, but anything less than that is just a normal fluctuation.

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4/6/12 10:06 A


You're right, eating less does not normally equate to faster loss.
You also need to keep in mind your weight loss will not be linear. The body will fluctuate or stand fast day to day even hour to hour. The best you can do is weigh/measure yourself under the same circumstances (frequency is up to you and your sanity LOL). This at least will give you an apples to apples timeline. If over a period of weeks you don't see a change then it's time to look at your plan and tweak where needed.

Good Luck!

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4/6/12 9:51 A

In the last 7 days I've been at a stand still. Has anyone experienced eating below your recommended calories and not losing any weight? I thought I would lose quicker, but that's not happening. I guess I need to actually follow my plan to keep seeing results. lol Lesson learned!

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