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2/16/13 10:20 A

Hi again....this is a typical day of my eating....breakfast is 4 egg whites and one yolk and fruit....lunch is usually a WW frozen dinner and a vegetable....dinner is usually grilled chicken and salad with lots of veggies or a different protein with potatoes and veggie.....snacks are popcorn or frozen Greek yogurt with fresh fruit.......weekends i might eat out once but nothing crazy........I almost always fall within SP guidelines with everything but carbs, there are never enough....occasionally I fall below in calories.....I work out at least 4 times a week... ( Unless it is migraine time...ugh ) 45 minutes cardio (treadmill uphill or rowing) and also weight train....this is my 6th week....weight loss 3.5 total.....first week lost 3.5. Second 1, then up and down from there.....thanks for your suggestions.

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2/16/13 8:06 A

Na, any uni student who lives on two minute noodles will tell you, you can lose weight on them. :) Its the amount that counts. A variety of food is great for health and nutrition. I've also been on an elimination diet and ate not a lot else but rice. After a couple of spoonfulls of rice for the 4th time in a day, you just can't be bothered to eat anymore.

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2/16/13 6:21 A


It depends what types of foods you're eating. If you're not eating nutrient dense foods that nourish your body, then yes, eating the same foods day after day could hinder your weight loss. The human body requires an assortment of different vital nutrients that aren't available in every single food. In order to ensure we get all the nutrients our body needs, we should be eating a variety of foods.

Let's say you can't stand veggies, but will eat corn and carrots. Okay, corn and carrots do have some vitamins and nutrients, but not enough to keep a person healthy. For optimum HEALTH, a person should eat a variety of different foods.

Because we don't know anything about you or what you've been eating, we can't tell you for certain that what you've been eating has hindered your weight loss. Would you be willing to tell us a bit more about yourself and what you eat ? Could you tell us what a typical days' worth of meals would be ? Giving us more information would help us better answer your question.

But, it should be noted for optimum health (and by extension weight loss) a person should eat lots of these....

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2/16/13 12:19 A

I have a good friend who is a nutritionist, and she has told me before that it won't alter your weight loss results. The equation is calories taken in vs. calories burned. What it WILL do is cause you to have nutritional deficiencies. You need a variety of foods to get all of the vitamins and minerals that a body needs to run. Taking a multivitamin isn't going to cut it! To get your body running properly or in peak condition, you need the right chemistry. So, mix it up a bit!

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2/15/13 11:39 P

I don't know the scientific reason, but it could be because eating the same food every day could cause boredom. It COULD also cause our body to get insufficient certain nutrients, because the more variety, generally the better balance our body gets.

As far as your having problems losing is concerned, do you weigh all of your food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker? If not, then that would be a very good place to start. Sometimes it can be amazing to see just what calories you are consuming - often a lot more than we think. IF you are using the Nutrition Tracker, what calories are you eating? If you are at the higher end of the recommended range it might be that you would be better off toward the lower end. Also, what exercise are you doing? Brisk walks are good for helping us to lose weight.

Good luck,

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2/15/13 10:38 P

I am one of those people who seem to stick to eating the same foods everyday....I heard that can hinder weight loss...can that be why I am having trouble losing?

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