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SMERRIMAN7 Posts: 296
6/14/12 12:46 P

A simple salad is a great way to add bulk to your meal without adding a lot of calories. You can get a lot of food for under 100 calories, and that is including dressing & cheese if you use light or fat free options.

I agree with your approach to avoid drastic changes. Drastic often means temporary. But you can look for ways to continually improve habits and choices.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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6/14/12 12:12 P

Allison, I tried to look at your profile, but it looks like you've set it to private, now.

Is there a reason you don't want us to help you? Hiding behind your privacy settings after asking for help won't help you lose weight. It will help you continue your disordered thinking regarding your diet. We don't want to make fun of you... we want to help.

I know it may seem like you're getting harsh advice, but it seems like you are having some trouble with the intake you're getting. We don't want to hurt you, we're trying to help! If you were really getting 5 servings of vegetables a day, why did everyone say that you had so few?

What you eat is just as important as how much.

It's totally okay to have a little ice cream as a snack, but if you feel so compelled to eat it that you feel deprived if you don't have a lot, then something wrong! It may be a trigger food for you.

I totally get making small changes... that's how I've gotten where I am today! But don't push away those who want to help. In the end, all that does is leave you alone, without support.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/14/12 1:58 A

You might need to face some harsh realities about yourself.

Curious about the comments about ice cream "every day" but your statement it's "a few nights a week" I looked back on 7 full days of tracking. You had major huge servings of ice cream on 6 of those 7 days.

You need to acknowledge that the ice cream is not "a few nights a week". It's basically every day, and you're having far more than a healthy serve every time.

Combined with the processed foods, it's no wonder you're eating at the top of your range and not feeling full!

Please try to reduce your ice cream addiction. While it may seem like a harmless little indulgence, having 300-500+ calories just in ice-cream nearly every single night is neither diet-friendly nor "healthy lifestyle" friendly. That is just a very poor lifestyle choice.

If you can make one change at all, cutting way back on your ice cream would be my top suggestion. It'll give you way more room in your day for actual 'nutrition' foods.

PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
6/14/12 1:10 A

For me, the more sugar I ate, the hungrier I was. It's like being an addict.

I would really rethink having your trigger food in your house. Maybe you could try substituting another kind of frozen treat during the week, and save the ice cream for the weekend.

It gets easier. Promise.

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6/14/12 12:54 A

All the comments here is really very helpful, so I wouldn't repeat. Other thing I can add... how you eat. Some research suggests chewing more and eating slow is important part of appetite and fullness control. One popular eating method in Japan is, chewing 30 times per each bite, and limit bite size exactly you can chew it 30 times before it becomes liquefied.

Sounds strange as seen on TV diet method? well, maybe. But it's proven effective. Your fullness in not only controlled by your stomach, but also brain. By chewing food 30 times per bite, it greatly slows down your eating speed, generally two to three times slower. By the time you finish your meal, you wouldn't want to see your meal again... very long time.

They said chewing lot increases histamine level in our brain, and it makes us not want to eat. So if you're taking anti-histamine med, this may not work. But all my friends admit it's very effective. And you should feel how it works at the fist time unless you're eating not chew-able food. So try it once.

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GAILP215 Posts: 63
6/14/12 12:50 A

Hi Allison,
Just a thought...are you drinking enough water? Sometimes we think we want something to eat when actually the body is craving water. I drink it all day long and carry my water bottle with me everywhere. I add a slice of lemon or lime to add flavor.
I really enjoy Zumba too. It took me a few times before I really caught on to it, but now I'm addicted!

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ALLISONAZ SparkPoints: (27,445)
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6/14/12 12:00 A

On my homepage it says I have 2120 calories to burn per week. I've burned 1576 so far. I can screencap it if you like.

I have 30 minutes of planned cardio every day. However, some days I do 22 minutes of walking/running per the 8 week rookie running program and other days I do an hour of zumba. It evens out.

My calorie range is 1530-1880. It was higher a while ago

I don't think I'm eating that few fruits and vegetables. I eat at least 5 servings a day.

As for the ice cream, yes I do have a cup of ice cream a few nights a week. Not every day, but I do have it more than I should. Ice cream was my big binge food so I feel like if I don't completely deprive myself of it, I won't binge on it later. I'm glad that having one spoonful works for you though. Maybe in the future it will work for me.

I'm newish to this lifestyle change and instead of drastically changing my eating, I'm making smaller changes and being easier on myself. I usually stress too much and go too hard and burn out. I'd rather gradually change. But I can see that a more drastic change will help me feel satiated.

6/13/12 4:50 P

I am confused by your post, and would need you to share specific numbers.
You report that the Sparkpeople program gave you a "calories burned" weekly goal of over 2000. I don't think this would happen--this is a very high "calories burned" through planned exercise. I am wondering if you somehow changed this?

What is your calorie range?

SP dietitian Becky

KFWOHLFORD SparkPoints: (3,013)
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6/13/12 4:32 P

I looked at 3 or 4 days on your tracker, and I only found 1 vegetable. In my opinion, to have a healthy diet, veggies should make up at least 1/3 of what you eat.

Try eating 1 or two vegetables with each meal. Plain, or steamed with salt and herbs, or with hummus, herbed greek yogurt, or baba ghanouj as a dip. Vegetables are pretty low in calories, and eating more will fill you up and you can eat less of the higher calorie foods.

One trick I have for sneaking more veggies into a meal is this: instead of putting lettuce on a sandwich, put cooked spinach. You can steam spinach in the microwave for 1-2 mins,, drain it, and stick it on a sandwich in place of lettuce. You can easily sneak in at least a cup of spinach this way.

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PRTYBRD SparkPoints: (17,261)
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6/13/12 4:22 P

I agree with the others about more fruits and veggies. It can be a struggle for me, too, but they really do make you feel full longer. Also, I've had a lot of luck with trying to eat my biggest meal at breakfast, next biggest at lunch, and dinner being the smallest. For breakfast have an egg, milk, fruit, oatmeal, turkey bacon. I guarantee you won't be hungry for a while. And they say that a good breakfast can help you eat more wisely the rest of the day.

I love ice cream, too, but it just is not good for the body. I treat myself after a really long walk with one spoonful. Just one. It's about 75 calories worth, so I don't blow my day, but I still get a treat. If you can't eat just a spoonful, then you may need to ditch the ice cream for a while.

6/13/12 4:12 P

Try freezing grapes. I like to let them soften just a little so they're slushy. Between frozen grapes and banana ice cream that desire is satisfied for me.

SOCAL_LEE SparkPoints: (43,325)
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6/13/12 3:53 P

I think you're not eating enough filling food, even though you're getting enough calories. The beans and eggs are great, but how about adding a salad or some steamed, grilled or roasted vegetables to lunch and/or dinner? That way you might not feel so famished and won't turn to the processed carbs for snacks.

Speaking of snacks, I find it helpful to have some cut-up vegetables like carrot sticks, cucumber and zucchini spears, and snow peas in the fridge to grab with a tablespoon of hummus for a quick snack. I also drink a cup of hot tea (no sugar added) in the evenings when I feel like having a snack because often it's not about hunger, it's just about putting something in my mouth. I know it's hard to give up ice cream but I think that needs to go if you want to make your goal, and it appears frequently on your tracker. Try putting some of those strawberries on a cup of plain Greek yogurt instead for a creamy treat. Good luck!

6/13/12 3:51 P

You are seriously lacking vegetables in your tracker.

Had you eaten 2 bags of frozen broccoli (which is a ton of broccoli!) with your dinner last night instead of the ice cream you probably wouldn't have found yourself feeling famished later. And that would only have been 250cal instead of over 300 for the ice cream.

For that matter, you could have eaten one bag of frozen veg and then made some banana "soft serve ice cream" (freeze a banana and then whiz it in a food processor...can add a smidge of cocoa powder for chocolate-banana ice cream). Both would have been less calories and more filling than the ice cream.

It's not about how many calories you're eating it's about the volume of the foods you're choosing. Vegetables are fluffy. They take up a lot of room in your belly without a lot of calories.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
6/13/12 3:40 P

You're eating a lot of processed food. Personally I find that when I eat processed food I'm not full as long and am hungrier over all even if I consume the same or more calories then when I eat unprocessed food. If you cut back the ice cream, which you eat almost everyday, you'll have more room to add more filling calorie dense foods. I'd also add more fruits and vegetables to each meal. How about a side salad and some fruit with lunch? Eating a bigger breakfast with more protein will also keep you fuller. How about eggs, steel cut oats, and some nuts, fruit, or yogut for breakfast?

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/13/12 2:57 P

Definitely sounds like you're overexercising and undereating.

Is your ticker meant to be pounds? It says you're aiming for 120 kilograms as a goal. If that's pounds and you're so very close to a goal weight, you should be aiming for VERY slow weight loss. This might be your problem.

Definitely set up your fitness "calories burned" to be more realistic. Then check your goal date in relation to how much to lose, how soon. If you're aiming for anything faster than a pound every 2 weeks, change it and set the date for that instead. Faster loss isn't possible when you're slight.

For the last few pounds, I highly recommend setting up your goals as if you're already there and have nothing to lose, then just eating at the bottom of that range. That'll be 200 calories less than what you need to maintain, and will be enough to cause slow weight loss over time, to slip into that ideal weight.

ALLISONAZ SparkPoints: (27,445)
Fitness Minutes: (18,509)
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6/13/12 2:13 P

I've been following my spark plan pretty well, except I've been eating at the high end of my calories, fat, and carbs, occassionally going over my limits but not too often. I usually eat in between 60-75 g of protein a day but I am working on getting more protein into my diet. I exercise but it's not nearly enough to burn the calories that spark expects me to burn. I'm afraid to adjust my fitness goals because I'm already hungry from exercise and eating in my high end. If I adjust my fitness goals I'll be going over my nutrition goals.
I've been walking/running and it burns so few calories yet for me is such an intense workout that I'm hungry and tired after. I've also been doing Zumba and other cardio/strength training and it's not even close to burning the 2120 calories spark thinks I should in a week. I'm always tired and just have no energy. Yesterday I was lucky because we had a ton of fresh strawberries (we had gone strawberry picking). I ate 18 oz. of strawberries (over 1 pound!) because I didn't want to go over my nutrition goals.
I know that the spark program works and I'm just nervous because I feel like I'm barely making it. I'm hungry and working out is giving me no energy at all.

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