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9/28/12 8:24 A

I agree with previous poster with their suggestions of meat on a stick or a cob of corn for probably being the best. I'd also say treat yourself too since you only go once a year and presumably you've been able to plan ahead and really watch what you eat this week so you can get a funnel cake, cotton candy, or whatever it is you like.

9/28/12 12:16 A

BBQ steak or chicken meat (think kabobs) on a stick or corn on the cob..or .plain hamburger with veggies or grilled chicken breast on bun...or cup of chili...if you have a sweet tooth shaved ice is a better option than say chocolate covered hand rolled in nuts ice cream bar lol! Last time we went to the fair...way back....I had a beer and a chicken kabob and corn on cob and watched the derby..and was satisfied and didnt blow my whole day.

If you want something bad SHARE IT!!! :) Good Luck have fun!

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9/27/12 11:59 P

I'm going to a fair tomorrow and I'm not sure what to eat! They will have loaded baked potatoes, pizza, corn dogs, bloomin' onions, fried veggies, all sorts of maple sugar treats, ice cream... essentially a whole lotta junk!

What should I eat when I go? What is a relatively "safe" option at these types of fairs? I know some may suggest not eating there but it's only once a year and I want to enjoy myself.

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