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9/11/12 1:13 P

Avoid the deep fried stuff and ask for sauces on side. I love to get seafood out. It's something that's always expensive and not too heavy. It also has the essential fatty acids which are good for you. emoticon

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9/11/12 1:03 P

Great article! thanks so much, it's helpful. I DO often order appetizer for a meal; the key is to choose the one that's NOT deep fried, or "with chips," or "7 layer!"

The truth is, I would NEVER order a plain piece of meat and steamed veggies at a restaurant. I don't even LIKE plain meat and steamed veggies -- and it's SO easy to make them at home if I ever wanted them.

My theory is -- if you're out at a decent restaurant, order foods you WOULDn't eat at home, and that you're willing to splurge on financially. E.g., mussels in white wine and garlic broth (yum!); that kind of thing...

Nothing gets me more frustrated than spending $15 or even more on a meal I don't enjoy... :-(

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9/11/12 12:55 P

Here's some info you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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I plan ahead by searching for the restaurant's nutrition info (and getting a point if I use SP search to find it) or browse the SP dining out guide:

Of course, that only works for chains, as you've pointed out, so at other restaurants, I tend to order a small portion of very good meat as naked as I can get it, i.e., no finishing butter or sauce. I ask for steamed veggies the same finishing butter, and I almost always get a side salad without eggs or cheese and with dressing on the side that I dip each bite sparingly into. Another plan I've used is to get an appetizer like steamed mussels and team that up with a salad. If I'm really hungry, I'll let myself have a piece of bread and eat maybe half of it. Finally, on occasion I've asked the server to recommend something light on the menu, and sometimes the server has actually gone to the chef to get an answer. I like that, because it clues the chef in to the fact that some of us do NOT want all the fat and salt.

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9/11/12 8:43 A

In the last few weeks, I've eaten out far more often than usual (traveling, visitors, etc.). We go to unique restaurants, not chains, so I can't just check to see the nutritional value of an item... and the truth is, I have no CLUE! I'll order something that looks light, but is it 250 or 500 calories? I really don't know!

Worse, lunches (no matter what you order) ALWAYS seem to come with some version of unnecessary starch: bread, fried potatoes, potato salad, etc. And if I order a light lunch (a salad or omelette), I'm usually done before my partner who ordered the big sandwich... and am sitting there staring at those yummy fries or whatnot. Naturally, at least a few make their way to my mouth!

Of course, I could just order a wedge of iceberg lettuce and some tomatoes, but the idea of spending "going out" money on food I dislike is very depressing...

How do you guys manage it? Do you just eat as little as possible at other meals and cross your fingers??

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