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HAPPYWRITER7 Posts: 9,723
7/12/12 3:30 P

"Only wisdom Dr Oz has is what he is told to read of cue cards "
This gave me an amazing lagh today. Thank you Redshoes!

LSHARP02 Posts: 84
7/12/12 2:50 P

I would like examples of combination fruit / protein / fat. The talk today is that it boost metabolism. I can think of greek yogurt/fruit and flax. Anymore ideas? thanks.

GUDDIGO Posts: 1,081
3/11/12 10:46 P

Listening to what you know....on TV...

TREEFROG123456 Posts: 17
3/11/12 8:20 P

NO WAY. Seriously, I will stick with my doctor as well!

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
3/11/12 8:17 P

I'll stick with my doctor.

ROBINCT135 Posts: 126
3/11/12 7:48 P

I used to love the Dr. Oz show...that is, before he started pushing all these "natural" supplements on each and every show...and all the "strange" foods that you can't find at your local grocery stores. I've started watching The Doctors least they don't push supplements all the time!

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
3/7/12 10:03 P

Only wisdom Dr Oz has is what he is told to read of cue cards lol.. The producer has a agenda for the show- do people honestly believe he has free rule over stuff no way...

KATHY98665 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (55,882)
Posts: 272
3/7/12 9:10 P

I did not see the tv plug for Safflower oil, but did see it on the cover of a magazine this week. When it said it helped with blood sugar, c-reactive proteins and your waist line...well, I NEVER buy the gimmicky products, but this did intrigue me. I am giving it a shot. I am recently off metformin and will be going in for blood work in May to make sure all is still good. I am continuing to record my fasting blood sugar several times a week and so should be able to tell pretty fast if it has any affect. And my waist...well, despite plenty of intense exercise ( 2-3 spinning classes a week, core strength dvd's, walking, yard work) and losing 30 pounds, my waist has not done much. So, I will give it a shot. Took my first tbsp. tonight with dinner...gotta say, it tastes pretty good.

2BEATIT1 Posts: 3,162
2/26/12 12:05 P

I agree with Crystaldancer.

There is no quick fix. Many MLM companies are out there promoting miracle weight loss but all you are doing is draining your bank account and making the guys at the top rich.

Food portions and exercise are the cheapest and safest way to lose weight.

LYNNE_08 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,244)
Posts: 162
2/26/12 11:57 A

I do not watch or like Dr. Oz, he always gives the worst case scenrio and causes people to be hypochondrics.

PROGRESSFORWARD SparkPoints: (85,717)
Fitness Minutes: (41,958)
Posts: 3,265
2/26/12 11:46 A

I don't watch either of these men.

ANNIE093 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 29
2/26/12 11:38 A

I used to watch Dr.Oz before he took Oprah's time slot...seems he is becomming a "Pill Pusher". Question is, Can you are Are You willing to take all these expensive supplements the rest of your life? All the unheard of foods, something new each week. Everything he recommends..really?! Does HE take all that junk? Dr. Oz never mentions the possible dangerous side effects or drug interreactions with those supplements..But good for GNC and other health food/supplement businesses.. .What ever happened to a balanced diet and exercise?! Face it , some of us watch the show, buy the stuff he talks about with best intentions, take them for a few weeks until something "new" is talked about, then stop and purchase the "new thing".. a vicious cycle and waste of money! There is no "Miracle Pill/ Food"" for anything!

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/26/12 11:27 A

Dr. Oz is horrible. Just peddling drugs for big corporations. Pay him enough , he would endorse crack.

2/26/12 12:13 A

agreed! i've cut my fish oil down from 8 grams a day to 4 grams a day...but i still keep the epa:dha ratio 2:1. it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with joint pain/inflammation.

its amazing how many nutrition stores still push omega 6's and 9's....when theyre so stinkin' bad for you. people just don't research so much of the crap they take. and i too get the feeling that dr oz is turning his program into a paid infomercial. as an internal medicine doc myself---i've been disappointed lately. earlier....he provided some solid good medical knowledge----now he's taking on an almost "non-medically based" desperate tenor. needed to raise neilsen scores? raise audience? raise commercial or product revenus? i dunno--but losing the credibility.

JUSTBIRDY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (67,620)
Posts: 9,840
2/12/12 10:30 P

I stay away from safflower oil because it has an insane amount of omega 6 fat. That doesn't mean that there isn't something good in the safflower plant. I would be interested in taking a better look at any studies done with an extract.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
2/12/12 9:57 P

We are told daily it is nutrition that helps all over fat loss in the weight process.. I don't know why people wafle around and watch such crap.. I go with the flow and alot of doctors and nutrition specialist say weight loss is a all over process so there are not super food invented.. No story to listen to..

NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,470
2/12/12 8:22 P

Interesting read

CACHOE SparkPoints: (2)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 50
2/12/12 8:21 P

what a mess

SHAPEUPNOW1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (28,096)
Posts: 5,614
2/12/12 6:47 P

entertainment mostly

MONTREAL12 Posts: 4,191
2/12/12 4:46 P

I suggest there is merit in watching; however, ultimately we should be choosy as to how and when to subscribe to the suggested remedies. Everyone is special and what might be good for some; may not necessarily be good for everyone. emoticon

ROBINCT135 Posts: 126
2/12/12 4:32 P

I watched the Dr. Oz show the other day, when he (again) had Montel Williams on it. I was particularly interested, because Montel was going to talk about alleviating pain.
If only it were as easy as popping an herbal or nutritional supplement, none of us would have anything wrong with us! LOL

I like Dr. Oz, and I watch his show almost every day, but I am beginning to have a difficult time keeping up with all the advice and supplements/remedies he's constantly talking about.
I'm not about to take ten different supplements or herbs for every problem that I feel I may's getting out of hand on the show!

For me, I'll stick with a good multi-vitamin, Omega 3 fish oil, and Vitamin D.

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
Fitness Minutes: (171,153)
Posts: 10,629
1/8/12 6:19 P

So silly, disappointing

CRYSTALDANCER SparkPoints: (108,685)
Fitness Minutes: (127,737)
Posts: 3,069
1/8/12 6:14 P

I have a hard time taking health advice from either Montel or Dr. Oz. I'm just not into it. The only tried and true method of keeping the weight off or losing weight is healthy eating and exercise. At least for me that's proven true. I'd love to hear back from anyone who tries this stuff and what the results are after a month or two.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
1/8/12 6:08 P

Sounds like yet another fad to come down the pike. I still believe it's all calories in/ calories out/ calories burned, and the latest medical research (from just last week - an article I read) seems to bear that out.

VIRGOGURL4 SparkPoints: (60,161)
Fitness Minutes: (104,667)
Posts: 1,485
1/8/12 6:00 P

If belly fat loss was only so simple LoL

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LSHARP02 Posts: 84
1/8/12 5:45 P

I wanted to start a topic and call it Dr Oz mania. Then I considered that all his recommendations cannot possibly apply to me. He has passed on some good tips overall and I am just wondering when he'll run out of information or when it is going to get stale. In this town if
Dr. Oz mentions something on his show it sell out right away like the hibiscus tea for high blood pressure, the white kidney bean extract to block carbs or the Arctic Zero Ice Cream with 150 calories, and many many others.
We just have to be wise and decide what applies to us and what doesn't; and sometimes when something just sounds like a sales pitch...
Montel did say that when he stoped taking the product the inches came right back on, so I guess if you start taking it - you are stuck having to take it to keep the inches off, that makes me think he was truthful - like all things not all items work for all people. However, if I can find the seeds when the craze dies down I'll get some and decide how it works for me.

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JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (599,151)
Fitness Minutes: (356,807)
Posts: 17,063
1/7/12 7:11 P

I don't know. I guess I would have to try it and see.

1/7/12 6:07 P


MYTURN11 SparkPoints: (100,678)
Fitness Minutes: (125,587)
Posts: 3,600
1/7/12 4:32 P

I saw the show and I think there just might be something to it...I ordered from QVC and if I do not see any change in1 month, I will return it and get my money back. I consider myself very fit. I run and do yoga and pilates. Also like Montel's HealthMaster - thinking about that too since it retains the pulp. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

KSANDIEGO SparkPoints: (8,680)
Fitness Minutes: (4,860)
Posts: 426
1/7/12 3:32 P

I worked with Montel personally on the RX for Perscription Assistance Campaign. I think Dr. Oz kind of put him in his place by telling him that the whole safflower oil thing was kind of a scam and didn't really work that great because it wasn't an omega 3 but instead was an omega 6. In the end he said yeah maybe I'll chew a few sunflower seeds, but it won't be the answer to getting rid of belly fat. On the other hand if it makes you feel better about yourself and keeps that attitude about being helathy and fit up - that's more than half the battle so go for it.

363237 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,143)
Posts: 73
1/7/12 2:52 P

I saw the show. Montel's claim is that he lost two inches from his waist drinking Safslim, a product that has safflower oil in it. My question is if the safflower oil is this powerful, why bother investing in the product; just purchase the oil itself! There are no weigh loss instant miracles that teach people behavior modification. If it's quick, it may not last.

ARMSPORTS Posts: 1,310
1/5/12 12:24 P

Dr. Oz is a 50-50 proposition in my opinion. In other words, he is wrong or exaggerates significantly on his health claims half the time. Realize these folks, whether they have MD's or PhD's or whatever, are selling something ( themselves or a product/service ) so take it with a grain of salt so to speak.

I don't think anyone considered Montel Williams an expert on nutrition in the first place.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
1/5/12 12:21 P

I think Dr. Oz has drunk just a little too much of the Oprah/daytime TV koolaid........I wish he'd get back to what he and the other doc (I can't recall his name) did in the beginning. He's getting almost laughable with some of this junk he's peddling.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
1/5/12 11:20 A

Weight loss is a all over process-I don't get sucked into his misleading information anymore... The show directors pay him money to say almost anything..

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
Fitness Minutes: (21,732)
Posts: 905
1/5/12 11:11 A

Anyone else watch Dr. Oz this week when he had Montel on the show, extolling the virtues of Safflower oil as a belly fat loss aid. Opinions?

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