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9/7/12 5:58 P

Hi CARMKAR - I would be more inclined to focus on toning exercises rather than losing weight, because, girl, you are already there! You are already a healthy weight.

Another thing that I would be inclined to concentrate on is learning to love your body - You are looking at all the tiny people, try looking at the huge people who are starting their journey and accept that you are healthy and where you should be. I found one of the best things for me to accept my body was when I was standing next to a big person. THAT put things into perspective for me. Obviously you don't SAY anything to the other person!

Because you are sitting on your butt all day with your work, ensure that you get up and have regular water cooler breaks - go for a little walk around the office, or to the loo if your employers don't like the walk, because this helps to keep you mobile during the day, and prevent problems, not just with weight, further down the track. It also helps to keep your work productivity up :-)

Where it comes to reducing your alcohol - that is really great news, in more ways than one. I appreciate it wasn't a lot you were having, but often what you have now, gradually increases over time (sneaks up on you) and ends up being a problem, altho' most people wouldn't realize that, either.


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9/7/12 4:27 P

Hang in there, CARMKAR!

I am pretty much at goal (hence the 'fine tuning'), and you may very well keep losing but just at a slower rate. Maybe don't weigh yourself for a week or two...see how the clothes fit (getting loser / tighter / or staying the same).

I went from an 18/20 end of July 2011 to a sz 10 Dec 2011. Now I am a 6/8. I never even expected to be here, quite honestly. Just seeing were it goes, and making the focus be lifestyle and health, not diet. Not using a scale for me meant waaaay less drama, and just made the whole thing seem like NOT dieting. Rather, it's been more like a relaxed, natural progression as time went along.

I'm also in So CA so I hear ya!!

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9/7/12 3:36 P

Wow, thanks for all the support. I guess I just get really down when I try to do everything right (cardio, strength training, eat a lot of veggies and restrict processed food, etc) and it doesn't seem to show. Part of it is probably me just needed to accept that this is my new normal, but it's hard. Also I live in LA, and everyone here seems so tiny...I feel so big here. Also reading through the message boards people often seem to say, I gave up alcohol/ate more veggies/etc and lost 3 pounds in a week! I know that at my weight now it is going to come off very slowly, but there is still a part of me that wants instant results (but don't we all I guess...). Anyway I guess I just needed some encouragement, so thanks again emoticon

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9/7/12 2:00 P


I did two major things differently this time that A) enabled the weight to come off much easier and B) made me feel like I could maintain this for life.

The first was as you did - I drastically cut alcohol. About 95% and I don't even miss it (yay!).

The second was to REALLY increase the veggie consumption.
Like a previous poster said, I do not think all calories are created equal. 6-9 servings every day of veggies and fruit (usually heavier on the veggies) have enabled everything to fall into place for me. They even seem to act as insurance for those times I do splurge or eat over plan (I am in maintenance / fine tuning now).

I pre-bag a quart sz baggie busting at the sides w/ red & orange bell peppers, zucchini & yellow squash, hot house cukes and stringless sugar snap peas. Sometimes some sliced slightly nuked yams or sweet potatoes. I eat a bag like this daily (it's 4.5 cups if you measure it all out). Get that done, then eat any other additional fruits & veggies you want to round out your regular meals.

Perhaps try that & see if it helps? Maybe you already are eating lots of veggies but just a suggestion of what worked for me. Also, eat more "clean" foods than processed.

I also do not use a scale but go by clothing size, which has consistently been going down & down.

Good luck!! Don't give up - keep trying new & different things until you hit upon what does it for YOU.

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9/7/12 1:44 P

It seems some times that us real fattys have it easier when it comes to losing a lot of pounds. We have so much to lose and so much to fix that it is easier to right the shipand shed significant percentages.

In your situation it has to be harder and more frustrating. You might want to consider bringing in some professional help. You doctor, a trainer or a dietition can help you analyze why those tought pounds will not go away.

Calories are not all the same and exercises do not always produce the needed results. It is these professionals that can help you to fine tune your program. Good luck. I wish I had your problem. That does not minimize in any way the problem.

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9/7/12 1:13 P


Cutting back on alcohol will definitely help you lose weight in the long term. However, cutting back for a couple of weekends won't cause a big difference on the scale. Because you are at a healthy weight for your height, it's going to take a while to lose those last 5-10 pounds. Someone who is morbidly obese or very overweight could safely lose 1-2 pounds per week. However, the closer a person is to a healthy weight for their height, the harder and longer it's going to take to lose those last few.

So, don't beat yourself up because your weight seems to be fluctuating. That's actually normal. How to lose weight ? If you do your best to be more mindful of your portions, eat wholesome foods, cut back on the alcohol and get some regular exercise, you WILL see change with time.

However, don't expect to see drastic change in so short a time. If it took you one year to put on the weight, it's going to take that long to take it off. there are no fast ways to take of the weight. I wish there were. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time.

Be patient with yourself and your body.

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9/7/12 1:01 P


Your currently at a healthy weight for your height so this may be where your body is meant be--that being said is your goal to lose fat or weight? The two are not inclusive, therefore, exercise, especially strength training is a must. Not only does it build metabolically active tissue, but stronger bones, lowers blood prsseure and gives us better definition.

I love what the previous poster mentioned about the scale--it is only one tool of measuring succes, but not always the most accurate.

Hang in there!
Coach Nancy

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9/7/12 12:54 P

It's tough when you think you need the scale as your source of success. Weight fluctuates SEVERAL times a day. It'a also sometimes tougher when you don't have much to lose.

I don't use that anymore. I look at my clothes and how they fit. Do I wear smaller sizes? I look at my energy level.

I have been playing with the same 20 pounds since I joined in January 2010.

For me, I gave up most white flour and sugar. I choose mainly lower carb items.

I drink light beer. You have to find the combo of things that work for you. Then change it up or you'll plateau.

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9/7/12 12:42 P

Hi guys, I'm just looking for a little I've been on spark for almost a year now. I don't have a ton to lose, but I want to lose the 5-10 pounds that I've gained since I graduated college and got a full time, sit on my butt all day job (I weighed 122 this of the highest ever for me-I'm only 5'2, by the way). I have basically been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds, and I thought my weekend alcohol consumption was the problem (I was drinking 5-10 drinks a weekend). I decided to cut back drastically, and the last two weekends I have only had 2 drinks all weekend. I thought I would lose, but at this morning's weigh in (I weigh in every Friday), I have gained 2 pounds in a week. I am beyond frustrated. I have also been depressed lately and this isn't helping. I always eat within my range, I exercise 4 times a week, and I have always been consistent about this. I know the scale is just a number, but I wish it would match all the hard work I put in. I just feel really down....

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