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9/23/12 4:09 P

Bra's are no problem for me, because I'm fitting perfectly into my pre-pregnancy bras, I have no idea why I held on to them for 4 years, but I'm grateful that I did. My husband actually commented the other day when I was reaching up to grab something and my shirt lifted up that my belly didn't stick out as far as it used to.. I do own a lot of tops that probably look like maternity, they hid my belly well when I still had a larger bust to fill them out, but now they make me look preggers.. I'll just have to be careful how I dress for a few months.. I'm happy to be losing weight in general, even if it makes me look disproportionate, it'll all come off eventually :)

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9/23/12 1:12 P

I don't know if you are ready to purchase new clothes yet, but you can do a lot to look not-pregnant by the way you dress. You might be ready for a new bra. If you get a properly fitting bra that "puts the girls where they belong", that will help minimize the appearance of your belly. Since you are still working on losing weight, maybe only get one bra. You'll probably change sizes several times before you're done!

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9/23/12 1:09 P

Yeah, unfortunately the stomach is the last area to go. I find I lose weight from the sides of my stomach first. My first 10 lbs, I honestly couldn't even tell a difference in how I looked. It wasn't until around 20 lbs that my stomach is now starting to go down and I can hide it in certain styles of shirts.

Honestly, I got the dreaded question up to 2 years after having my second child. It was quite hurtful even though I'm sure that wasn't their intention. I think if I were to hear it now or at any point in my weightloss, although it would still kinda sting, I'd have to remind myself that I'm taking all right actions to lose it and that *I will* lose it. I'm a work in progress or under construction. ;)

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9/23/12 12:23 P

So, I've been working hard to lose weight for a couple months, and it's working, I'm down a total of about 12lbs so far, but now I look pregnant. I've lost a lot of weight from my boobs, arms and legs, leaving me with a belly that sticks out further than my bust.. I know it's just a part of the journey, you can't choose where the weight comes off first, I just know that if I keep progressing in this manor, people are going to start asking me the dreaded "When are you due?" question.. Has anyone else been through this stage before?

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