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3/17/12 1:51 P

Great job! If you can do that well w/ an injury, you're pretty much unstoppable!

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3/17/12 1:39 P

You're doing great working in physical activity despite an injury!

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3/17/12 12:24 A

So, Its been a while since I've checked in here. Thought I'd give a little update. Things were going pretty good.

I hit a slight plateau after I lost 15 pounds, but a slight change in diet and workout and the plateau didn't even last a week, and I started losing again.

I was ONE POUND from being 20 lbs down. But then I had to go out of town to see a surgeon about my bad ankle. I stayed in a hotel and worked out in the workout room every day, unless I went swimming, and I stuck to my diet. I just couldn't weigh myself at all cause I obviously left my scale at home.

The day I went to see the doctor, boom. Tear in the tendons with fluid build up. That's why I was in so much pain, wind couldn't blow on it without me seeing stars.

So he figured, I've had 2 surgeries already and he'd like to avoid a third, so he put me in a fiberglass cast with walking boot in hopes that immobilizing the leg will help it heal on it's own.

That morning, since I wasn't at home and didn't have my scale, I didn't get the chance to weigh myself. I didn't get weighed at the doctor before the cast either. So when I got home I weighed myself with the cast on. It seemed like I was about 4lbs heavier than I was before leaving town. So I'm assuming the cast was at least 3lbs, cause I was sticking to my diet and did some kind of a workout every day.

So I got back on my diet and I still walked my dogs 2x a day for slow half hour walks, and by the middle of week 2 with my cast, I was down 3.5lbs! I was back to the weight I was before getting the cast, with my cast on! Things seemed to be going good minus a few times when my toes felt numb, then would hurt, then feel numb... but I thought nothing of it except maybe I was on my feet too much.

Well tonight, out of nowhere, on my way home from a church function, (being a good Catholic girl, I go to stations of the cross every Friday to walk through the passion of Christ) my cast kept feeling tighter and tighter and tighter. It was almost like it was shrinking. My toes were feeling numb... and my ankle was hurting so bad. I could barely walk on it.

In a panic I went to the E.R. where they cut the cast off. After about an hour, it felt better minus the pain in my ankle. (the cast removal hurt like the dickens because the saw touched where it's tender due to the tendon tear.) so he was going to wrap the cast back together with an ace bandage, give me crutches and send me on my way back to my out of town surgeon to see what his recommendation would be... but he got a hold of the on call doctor who works with my surgeon and they were able to give me this cast boot.

It works exactly like a walking cast, only it's removable. I'm not suppose to remove it except to take a shower, or if it starts to swell up like like it did tonight, I can take it off or adjust it to loosen it... but I'm going to take it off at least once a week to do a non-cast weigh in and see what my real weight is now that I don't have that extra few pounds from the cast.

Anyway... that's just the quick check in!

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