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MARYA81 Posts: 192
3/22/12 10:49 P

You will get the hang of it..just keep at it and the energy will come!!!

3/22/12 9:09 P

Also, make sure you're tracking your calories and eating enough calories to sustain your workout. When I'm tired after exercise it's usually because I had not had enough calories yet so I make sure to eat an appropriate snack after (usually chocolate milk) which helps.

CANDYGIRL4906 SparkPoints: (8,967)
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3/22/12 2:55 P

I haven't been doing it to long a few weeks I guess I just need to get use to the classes.

CANDYGIRL4906 SparkPoints: (8,967)
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Posts: 317
3/22/12 2:53 P

sometimes it is pretty warm in there. so you think that has something to do with it. I always bring a water with me to the classes when I go or working out in the gym also. I usually get 7-8 hours of sleep a day. The only class I don't feel tired after is zumba.

MIKEYCO SparkPoints: (23,334)
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3/22/12 2:51 P

I will ditto what Archimedes said. I don't do the gym but sometimes working out at home I will get the same result. However I have noticed a change recently after a 2 maybe even 3 weeks that it has started to energize me sometimes.

I would just add that if it continues to be a problem to talk to your doctor. You didn't mention how long you have been doing this. If you just started and no other problems then give it a little time. However, if you have been doing this for a while I would talk to your doctor.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (199,897)
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3/22/12 2:35 P

Is the gym warm ? Some times a warm room can make a person feel some what lethargic.

Can exercise invigorate a person ? With time, but it's not something that happens immediately and there will be days you feel tired. We all get them, even people who exercise regularly.

Are you drinking enough water ? Do make sure you're drinking enough water when the temperatures are warm inside and out. Being a little dehydrated could make you feel a little sleepy.

Of course, are you getting a decent night's sleep or are you restless ? If you don't get a good night's sleep the night before that too will contribute to a tired day. Are you under a lot of stress ? Being under stress can make a person feel tired or fatigued.

CANDYGIRL4906 SparkPoints: (8,967)
Fitness Minutes: (5,871)
Posts: 317
3/22/12 2:27 P

Everytime I workout or do a fitness class I get so sleepy. I just want to go home and sleep. Will it always be like this I thought when you workout its suppose to give you energy?

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