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11/3/12 5:20 P

I have worked 3rd shift for 4 years and 2nd shift for the last year. You get used to it.

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11/3/12 4:56 P

Great response on this thread... super job everyone :)

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11/3/12 11:56 A

not any more!

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11/3/12 8:48 A

Thanks for the generous amount of ideas! I really appreciate it. M

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11/3/12 7:38 A

You can decide what time is best for you to track, you can track from 6pm-6pm, or you can start 7am-7am

Yes, I try to eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. Like when I wake up, I may eat 2 eggs (scrambled, hard boiled) and some strawberries and a slice of wheat toast with low fat cream cheese (about 350 caories)

Then 2-3 hours later, I eat an apple and a low fat cheese stick. (about 150 calories)

Lunch I may eat a small sandwich (turkey on wheat) with carrot sticks (about 300 calories)

Then I have a snack like 1/2 ounce almonds, and a fiber one 90 calorie bar (about 160 calories)

Then my last meal is usually 4-5 hours before I would be going to sleep, I eat some low fat progresso soup and some cucumber slices. (about 250 calories)

This would be about 1200 calories.

I plan my meals the day before and pack my lunch. I actually figure out what I will eat and calculate the calories so I don't go over. Some people plan a few days ahead, I just plan one day again.

I love Frigo low fat string cheese (60 calories), Fiber one 90 calories chocolare bars (90 calories), apples, grapes, yogurt, pretzels, carrot sticks, special K cereal chocolately delight (3/4 cups is 120 calories, I measure it out and put it in a baggie as a snack) 100 calorie packs of snacks once a day, cucumber slices, apple slices, I like to make sandwiches and bring those progresso soups.
I also have a 1 "5 hour energy shot" a day. sugar free and 4 calories.

I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

And I have read many many times that always eat a protein with a carb for weight loss (like string cheese and fruit) I try to eat the carbs earlier and eat mostly protein for the final snack and meal.

Make sure you plan ahead, otherwise it will make it so that you will go to the vending machine for candy or chips, or stop for fast food, which will be higher fat and higher calories.

You can do this

weight loss is 80% diet and 20% activity, so you can still lose weight if your job is sedentary.

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11/2/12 8:33 P

Thanks for the suggestions re: protecting sleep time. I like your analogy. What period are you tracking for 24 hours? 12 midnight to 12 midnight and then again?

Do you do do more snacks or more regular meals? Do you find different protein/carb/fat mixes work better or worse for energy on the 12's. Sometimes with ICU, I've found that I can't really digest food well with stress and have done yogurt, protein powder and a bit of fruit because other healthy things like raw fruits and veggies, green peppers, tomato salad with feta are just not digestible for me at work. (Stomach pain). (I can eat these fine at home, though)

TY Mel

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11/2/12 8:12 P

I agree, I work 7pm-7am (when I get out on time)

The way I track my food is every 24 hours, that way I don't go over or under on my days on or days off.

I agree you will have to say no to some things in order to get the rest you need, and you will hear the pressure, "oh just just stop by for a while" But I use the analogy that if someone had to be at work 9, you wouldn't ask them to stop over at 2am, and then go home and try to go back to sleep and then get up to go to work and then work 9 am- 9pm.

Good luck!

JICKEE Posts: 586
10/30/12 2:35 P

When I worked grave yard shifts, my biggest problem was sleep. Ideally I would sleep 4 after work and 4 before work, but most days it did not work out. No matter what I would always go to sleep sometime before my night shift. There was something biological about waking up to go to work, albeit for only 45 minutes on some nights. I am retired now, so good luck.

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10/30/12 1:52 P

ER RN is the program here, too, 2 12's per week, 1/2 nights. Last time when I worked nights on a cardiac floor I would take 15-30 minute power naps, but don't see this working in the ER. I notice episodes of totally black moods (at home, not during the shift) I don't experience when not working nights. Thanks for your thoughts. mel

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10/30/12 1:30 P

Night shift is brutal! I am an ER RN, and did 12 hour shifts, 2 days /2 nights, for over 30 years. Two years ago, I had enough! I wasn't sleeping well.. would average 3 - 4 hours during the day on the sleep between nights.. I would have trouble transitioning during my days off... my blood pressure began to creep up and my life, in general was in chaos! I put it down to just getting lousy sleep! I found a younger nurse , who had young kiddies and wanted to be home during the day, to job share with me.. and have not looked back! Every single thing is better! I will retire in 2 years, and can't wait!!

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10/30/12 1:06 P

i work on a rotation schedule between days afternoons and nights. melatonin is a big help. also, you should research jet lag. Because the issues are so similar, the solutions help alot. also, one thing you must learn is that you will need to understand the circadian rythem. there are certain times that your body will be able to sleep then there are times where it is almost impossible to sleep.

for me, my times are from when I get home at 730am until about 1pm, then Im up for until about 3 then lay back down for a nap until I have to leave at 545pm. 12 hr mids are really tough and to survive them, you will need to say no to alot of things in order to get rest. its doubly hard if you dont have the support at home.

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10/28/12 8:53 P

Am starting 12 hour night shifts again and they make me feel awful. I find keeping my life, exercise, food and mood together to be really tough. I'm trying melatonin and evening primrose to support my health. What works for you? tia

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