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3/1/12 11:13 P

If they are painful and get infected the doctor can refer you to a hospital and have them stripped.. It is a relatively easy processure and the people I have seen have it down love the results.. The veins are clamped off at both ends and under a drug removed..

If mine get more painful I am contacting my doctor to get it done.. emoticon

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3/1/12 10:31 P

My one giant vein came from pregnancy-such a beautiful time in your life-right? Went to the doc last year about it because it is painful from time to time. A previous doc had told me that losing weight would help but it made it worse, they just stuck out farther. The vascular surgeon I was referred to said that once you get them, weight loss won't help get rid of them. Your valve in that vein isn't working properly and blood is backing up into the vein. Increasing muscles won't help with the vein issue. To deal I drink lots of water and do cardio to keep the blood flowing. If it does get real bad I put my leg up when I'm sitting or laying down. But very painful episodes are more rare now that I've lost a significant amount of weight. For me the only permanent solution is surgery due to the location and severity. Less severe veins can often be treated by collapsing the vein with an injection. However by eliminating a vein the blood has to reroute itself and the chance of another varicose vein forming in the leg is a possiblility. There are support hose and socks that you can get that will help, but to get rid of them you do have to see a doc. Most insurance companies consider it a cosmetic procedure and won't cover it-it won't kill you. Since I needed surgery and anesthesia was involved I chose to live with it for awhile due to monetary constraints and time off my feet. Less of an ordeal if you just need the injections. They actually tell you to get up and walk right away. So long story short if you want to get rid of them you need to visit your doc and inless you have amazing insurance be prepared to pay. Hope that helps. Not a doc, just passing along what I know.

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3/1/12 9:27 P

Hi All,

I am dealing with some varicose veins myself and I was wondering am I the only one? I am not very over weight but I have very little muscle tone. I suspect the veins are suffering because the muscles are able to hold them in place. Thats just my theory. I have gone to a doc yet.

SO far I just put my legs up against the wall before going to bed and do strengthening exercises..

If anyone else shares the same pain please share with us any tricks and tips to care for this UGLY problem... We all want to wear shorty shorts in the summer.. :)

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