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9/8/12 6:33 P


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9/8/12 12:40 P


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8/30/12 7:53 P


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8/28/12 10:44 P

OK I certainly will, thanks for the quick response

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8/28/12 10:34 P

The classes for next month may not have been loaded yet. If you don't see those in the next couple days though, please let me know and I'll check further into it.

Coach Denise

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8/28/12 10:09 P

I do have SparkPeople Live & I do enjoy the meetings. I think its fun, the only problem is I don't know what I doing wrong but I'm having trouble finding meetings. When I click on find a class it only shows maybe 1 or 2 dates. Where can I find the calendar with all the meetings? I've seen it before just don't know where I was.

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8/21/12 11:09 P


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8/21/12 9:58 P

Not me

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8/21/12 9:18 P


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8/10/12 12:11 P

YORKIE_GIRL - I just sent you a SparkMail with some information for you signing into Livemind.

Coach Denise

8/9/12 4:59 P

Thank you Coach Denise! You did it! I now can get into LiveMind without that pay screen coming up. You're great! Thanks :-)

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8/9/12 3:43 P

YORKIE_GIRL - We are in contact with Livemind about this and will let you know once we have more information.

Thanks for your patience!

Coach Denise

8/9/12 1:45 A


8/8/12 11:01 P

I was supposed to get a free week, but it turned out to be a free day (not week). When I emailed LiveMind about it, they eventually renewed me for 1 more day (still not a week). It was too much of a hassle to get LiveMind to even pretend to know what I was talking about and then they gave me another day. I explained that I could not get past the "pay for 1 month or 3 months" screen to take advantage of my free week. If a leader can possibly help me with this, I would still love to get 5 more days that I am owed. Thank You!

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8/6/12 8:52 A

not yet

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8/2/12 10:56 P

I tried one, and honestly, I didn't like it very much. There were a lot of people that already knew each other, many people were chit chatting about other things, and the leader basically shows a slide, reads a slide, and reads the chat feed, which probably works well for some, but was nothing but irritating for me, as I read faster than the leader does.

I would have liked more facilitated discussion. For me, it's not worth continuing, but I can imagine that there are a lot of people that might get a lot out of it!

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7/2/12 11:54 A

I am on my trial week and have done only 1 session. It was really great for motivation and getting support and it made me feel more engaged in accomplishing my goals etc. I will probably decide to buy a membership for this, but not quite sure yet

6/30/12 2:26 P


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6/30/12 1:27 A

Wow. I didn't even know that was an option.

Dang!!! That's sooo much cheaper than WW!! emoticon

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6/22/12 11:32 P

Hi All,

I participate in the Spark Live meetings and am happy to share a little about why I love them. I started attending the Live meetings when they first began. I was a participant for about 6 months and then was offered a chance to become one of the leaders, which is what I currently do.

The main thing to me is all the motivation that I get (and hopefully provide) in the meetings.
Each week, a different health-related topic is covered. Not only is the topic interesting and informative; but, there is also plenty to learn from the members. I really enjoy hearing how everyone is doing on working towards their goals (weight loss and other goals); the entire group can provide support and encouragement when needed. And we celebrate everyone's successes with some big WooHoos.

There are always ideas shared to help others that may be encountering some issue with their journey...stopping a plateau, ideas to get started with exercise, new healthy foods to try, where to find reasonably priced workout clothes, how to deal with non-supportive family members, ways to sneak in small bursts of exercise, how to deal with snack attacks, etc.

I've also found that we're forming new Spark friendships that continue to provide motivation and support outside of the meetings themselves.

If you haven't read the SP description of the meetings, you might want to check out this page:

If I can answer more questions about SP Live, just let me know. I really do encourage you to give the free trial a chance. You might just find that you get as much out of these meetings as I do. :-)

TURNERAC Posts: 14
6/22/12 2:13 P

I'm wondering this, too. I personally have been a member of Weight Watchers for the last 7 months. However, I can't seem to continue justifying spending nearly $45 a month if I can do THIS in my home on basically my schedule. I'm a SAHM and we only have 1 car, so getting to a WW meeting can be a hassle. I know, for me, the WW meetings are really great at motivating me and keeping me in line. I wonder if the online meetings here on SP would be the same motivation?

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4/9/12 2:50 A

not yet but will try sometime soon

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3/31/12 6:04 P

I have not tried it, but I'm fairly new to Spark and am just getting my bearings with all features available on the free Spark. I might try it when / if I feel I'm getting stuck or remain at a plateau.

3/28/12 9:59 A

Very funny. Did my son put you up to that comment? It sure sounds like him. Anyway, I would like to hear from those who have it too. Is it worth the money? I think SPARKGUY's site is incredible as is the fact that he wanted to do something for others with his money. My only gripe is the ads for the scam dieting and products. "lose 10 pounds by avoiding these three foods!" "Buy this and you'll be better looking tomorrow". Isn't that what SPARKPEOPLE is fighting against? The crash diets that leave you with more weight in the end? I completely understand the ads are necessary. With all the resources that are here for free, someone has to pay the rent. I only wish it could be those companies that offer legit products.

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3/28/12 1:08 A

Did not know it was available dead!

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3/14/12 4:05 P

I can't possibly afford it. And I only have access to a computer at work (only way I can get on the internet), so it would not be a work-appropriate activity anyway. I thank God every day for SparkPeople - it is my lifeline. BUT only because it is free. I hope someday I can try the free week, but I don't know if that would be fair, since I know for sure I can't pay for it. I never know for sure if my company is going to pay the internet bill. It has already gone off once. So I try to do what I can do, one struggling day at a time. Exercise is free.

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3/14/12 10:19 A


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3/13/12 9:31 P

I agree with all of you. I don't have it either. You could try the free week and see what you think about it. If you like it keep it and if you don't want to keep it don't. I don't know of anything else to do or try with it. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.

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3/4/12 7:14 P

I agree with you Lynda! But I'm game to try it out if there's a positive response... interested to hear opinions.

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3/4/12 7:14 P

I agree with you Lynda! But I'm game to try it out if there's a positive response... interested to hear opinions.

LEANJEAN6 Posts: 18,867
3/4/12 6:30 P

I don't have Spark Live--I guess 1 big attraction, for me, on Spark, was because it was free---- I dunno--would like to hear from others--Lynda

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3/4/12 6:07 P

Just wondering if it is worth the purchase ...weigh in :)

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