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CARTOONB Posts: 44,143
12/28/08 7:09 P

Me too, everyday.

PEGGYANNSCH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (44,075)
Posts: 6,542
12/28/08 4:18 P

yes everyday

09BETH Posts: 549
12/28/08 4:04 P

Yes, every day.

AMAZINGAPRIL SparkPoints: (77,684)
Fitness Minutes: (41,577)
Posts: 3,378
12/28/08 1:35 P

Almost every day

VLAVOIE84 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,618)
Posts: 37
12/24/08 1:14 P

Yes, just about every day.

PEGGYANNSCH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (44,075)
Posts: 6,542
12/24/08 10:45 A

I agree that why I have pancakes & bacon

2B-THIN-2B Posts: 895
12/24/08 10:30 A

always it is the most important meal of the day

PEGGYANNSCH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (44,075)
Posts: 6,542
12/24/08 9:57 A

I always have pancakes and Bacon

12/24/08 9:36 A

everyday ... almost always it's oatmeal and yogurt

PEGGYANNSCH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (44,075)
Posts: 6,542
12/24/08 9:15 A

That sound good you gave me a good idea THANKS

RMCREM SparkPoints: (157,055)
Fitness Minutes: (104,635)
Posts: 8,936
12/24/08 9:09 A

Yes I had an omelet

PEGGYANNSCH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (44,075)
Posts: 6,542
12/24/08 9:00 A

Yes I had bacon and pancakes

CATSKB Posts: 2,660
12/24/08 7:46 A

I try to but sometime lose track of time. Overall though I do pack my breakfast every day.

12/24/08 12:46 A

No, I should but I'm on medication that needs to be taken on an empty stomach (no food two hours before and none for an hour after). My mother has the same condition and she manages to eat breakfast so I know I can if I try but I've hated to eat breakfast since I was 6. Eating that early just disgusts me. Maybe a quarter of the time I try to force myself to eat it I get nauseas. It's psychological but whatever.

12/23/08 1:50 P

I try. Afterall, it is the most important meal of the day... emoticon

C/CCCLUB SparkPoints: (13)
Fitness Minutes: (13,049)
Posts: 980
12/23/08 1:09 P


12/23/08 12:24 P

i never miss breakfast anymore, and i feel so much better during the workday now that I've gotten into the habit

CATSKB Posts: 2,660
12/21/08 6:54 A

I always try to eat breakfast but sometime I don't.

EMNCPH Posts: 281
12/21/08 2:38 A


911MEMA Posts: 547
12/20/08 5:10 P


MIMIBUTTERFLY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (377)
Posts: 188
12/20/08 4:55 P


GROOVYGRAN4 Posts: 257
12/20/08 1:34 P


BUTCHD Posts: 1,595
12/20/08 9:27 A


KSIPP1381 Posts: 1,179
12/20/08 8:16 A


HORSEMAD27 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (65,785)
Posts: 3,028
12/19/08 4:14 P

Yes.... Yogurt

THOMS1 Posts: 13,476
12/19/08 12:58 P

Yes, after the treadmill I usually have coffee, Kashi golean cereal, toast with peanut butter and a banana.

LADYDARYA Posts: 4,482
12/19/08 12:49 P

I have to say that I hate breakfast... there is just so much other stuff to do in the morning but I have eaten breakfast for the last 3 days now and hope to continue with this but really... I mean do I hafta? (yes I know I do)

911MEMA Posts: 547
12/19/08 12:41 P


417-EXERCISE30 Posts: 10,599
12/19/08 11:25 A


12/19/08 11:05 A

This is a bad point for me. One of my other goals is to wake up earlier on the weekdays. That way i'm not in a hurry and have time to sit down and eat. So far so good. I feel better because of it. I'm following the spark meal plan, I can't believe how much i have to eat. I feel like i'm eatting too much but at the end of the day i'm not actually getting enough. I have to add a little something, fruit or vegetable to meat the limits. I feel so full that i can't believe it.

GLYNN1 Posts: 543
12/19/08 10:49 A

Every day!!

2B-THIN-2B Posts: 895
12/19/08 8:58 A


KSIPP1381 Posts: 1,179
12/19/08 7:12 A


SANDIEGO_LADY Posts: 2,705
12/17/08 3:20 P

yes, oatmeal and blueberries

12/17/08 1:28 P

Eat at my desk, but yes I do - Otherwise, I over eat at lunch... don't skip Breakfast!!!

DEBBIE_E Posts: 673
12/17/08 1:26 P

yes, never skip

JAXTERS Posts: 164
12/17/08 12:38 P


DONNA1860 Posts: 11,011
12/17/08 12:23 P


CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
12/17/08 11:16 A

I start wt a coffee as well (no sugar, no milk) BUT within 1-2 hrs I eat something ; even if it's just some yogurt or toast wt something...

I'm not much of breakfast fan when I'm on the run but i do my best to try to get "something" in my stomach within 1-2 hrs after i wake up

GINGER1717 Posts: 22
12/17/08 10:16 A

Yes. And, after having to record what I had for breakfast most days on a board yesterday (toast with earth balance and coffee), I decided to try a SparkMeal instead. It was still toast, but with jam, and a tangerine. I felt more full than just the toast and "butter," but none of the "fatty" guilt!

Good way to start my day!

12/17/08 9:45 A

yes .. oatmeal and yogurt

THOMS1 Posts: 13,476
12/17/08 9:45 A

Yes and this morning we are meeting our friends for coffee and breakfast. Have a good day everyone.

KSIPP1381 Posts: 1,179
12/17/08 7:39 A

I have to eat breakfast to stay on point with my program

PEACHY_GIRL Posts: 19,670
12/17/08 7:26 A

Most definitely! Or I wouldn't have any energy in the morning

12/17/08 12:51 A

If I dont start the day off right, I eat terribly all day. I gotta have a high protein breakfast or im in trouble the rest of the day.

LADYRAVEN1963 SparkPoints: (41)
Fitness Minutes: (3,861)
Posts: 678
12/17/08 12:10 A

Not really a breakfast person either, but I will eat yogurt and toast with my kaffee..

TIME2GETSERIOUS SparkPoints: (33,691)
Fitness Minutes: (11,452)
Posts: 2,045
12/16/08 11:34 P

Yes. I'm not a breakfast person but I make sure I eat something.

ACHRISTIANGIRL SparkPoints: (33,016)
Fitness Minutes: (5,581)
Posts: 2,726
12/16/08 10:38 P


C/CCCLUB SparkPoints: (13)
Fitness Minutes: (13,049)
Posts: 980
12/16/08 10:36 P

Yes, always.

12/16/08 7:31 P

I just drink coffee so I was just wondering if that is why I don't loose weight

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