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2/27/08 8:20 P

Hmm, interesting answers.
Odd question....
I always assumed that what guys like is as individual as what girls like-- just depends! All sortsa flavors!

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/27/08 5:08 P

Good answer! i agree it is superficial question, but that is the world we live in. I think the initial attraction of a person is what leads to the first date and the relationship and then the love and marriage. It all starts with the way you look. You do not say oh well that girl is ugly and not appealing i will ask her out on a date..not they say she looks good i will go talk to her and see if she is someone they want to take out or spend time with..and so on goes the relationship. Sometimes it is different when you are friends first and then person as a hole comes in to play right on, but when you are out i believe it is all superficial and you look at the outside first. So the question is do guys like skinny girls? some do, some do not, senses is that guys do not like paris hilton bone skin, and by asking the question i am getting a good idea of what guys are attracted too, not whoever says yes. because as i said it is not about going to bed with someone but starting a relationship. And for me it helps me see that i don't need to worry about not being the size 2, because real guys that i see post here like a healthy normal gal. It restores the faith that we do not have to look like Mary katie and nicole Ritchie to find a date or find the guy you spend the rest of your life with! Superficial is the world we live in!

oh gosh i don't think my mom looks like her mom but i have herd that phrase before. emoticon

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2/27/08 5:02 P

hello to all hey guys just remember what forrest gump had to say 'life's like a box of chocolate's you never know what your going to old man used to say look at the mothering law cos if you pick her that's what you will have 20 years down the line and my mothering law was emoticon so geuss what everyone likes something different


2/27/08 11:54 A

You are judging my opinions on what other men think now? Okay.

One, the reality is men are going to marry the person we fall in love with. That has little to do with her body fat percentage.

No, we do not all like skinny girls. No, we do not all like fat girls.

You ask a stupid superficial question like "Do men really like Paris Hilton type blah blah blah"

I am not trying to be mean or a smart ass, but what kind of knowledge were you hoping to gain by that question? You were talking about marriage and love, and you asked a question clearly geared towards appearance. Appearance is only one part of the fabric of love and relationships.

So you can call me what you will - ask that kind of a question and you will get a stupid superficial answer.

Is not your question the same as, "Do people really prefer green bananas?"

I imagine some do prefer green bananas. Some like them mushy. Some do not like bananas at all. But you then came back to me and wondered why people like bananas in the first place.

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/27/08 11:15 A

that sounds more like desperate, not a opinion! that's not the answer we want! I'm not talking about the girl you want to take to bed but the girlfriend who maybe you marry someday.

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2/27/08 9:33 A

We prefer girls who are not fat.

Some like the bone thin ones like Paris Hilton etc, but I think the vast majority just go with the girl who says "yes."

LOGHOUSE Posts: 1,674
2/26/08 4:14 P

I like 'em "nice and round in all the right places . . ." Skinny is gross. Visible bones?, Yuck. But that's just me . . .

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/26/08 4:08 P

If you read the message from MKISTING it says most are not below a size six! this is true average women are a size 12, i am right now and will be 8 or 9 when i reach my gole. i feel that is thin taking into account i am a women of shape, i have dd boobs and hips that aren't going away, i have a kiddo and that changes your body! so tell me mkisting what is ok or thin to you???

ZINGARA84 Posts: 21
2/25/08 8:33 P

MKISTING... "I also realize that the majority of women are below a size 6."

I could have sworn I heard the average American woman wore a size 12. Did you mean to say "not below a size 6."? Just checking... emoticon

MKISTING SparkPoints: (14,297)
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2/25/08 4:55 P

I prefer thin women. Of course not vertebrae-visible thin. As in anything, no extremes. But to be honest, thinner is better for me. I also realize that the majority of women aren't below a size 6. I guess that's why they call it opinion. Personal taste, what-have-you.

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VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/25/08 4:06 P

again every time i read this i feel better about me and the fact that i will never be a size 2!! thanks again guys!

2/25/08 12:48 P

I'm liking your insight guys....keep up the good work everyone....just trying to boost some esteem! Have a fabulous day =D

2/24/08 7:56 A

well for what its worth just watched jack black in shallow hal think that sums it up not wot but who you are that matters. cried laughing at this film.

yorkiebear emoticon

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2/23/08 12:17 P

if your smaller than the girls on the dove campain for real beauity then your not for me now if your like the model toccara or mia tyler then ill check you out but my wife would also lol

2/22/08 6:41 P

we do like real women. I've never been in a locker room of guys and hear, "man look at the bones on her" . I always here, "man she has nice "taters" or a hot "rump". I'm sure you can fill in the blanks.

Men like women, not girls or "semi-men".

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/22/08 6:29 P

thank goodness men do like a real woman!!

2/22/08 10:37 A

"meat with taters" I completely agree. I dont like girls with washboard stomachs either. May as well be with a man if that's what ur lookin for. Britney spears, anna nicole (in the good days). Bodies like that are best.

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/21/08 5:37 P

again you guys are great.. i wish that all men elt the way you guys the banging the bones phrase!!

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TOBOBEAR SparkPoints: (0)
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2/21/08 2:29 P

I will second mrunhappy with the crass statement of "banging a bag of bones is no fun".


QUIX-OTIC Posts: 315
2/20/08 1:39 P

skinny is not the issue. A waif-thin woman is almost boyish or else really unhealthy looking. I think each woman has her own natural body. I appreciate fit woman, but that includes more zaftig women too. One can't escape one's natural body type. taking care of it and celebrating it is the most attractive way a woman can be.

ZINGARA84 Posts: 21
2/20/08 11:54 A

Hi Guys,
I have to chime in here as a women who's been a healthy 142 lb size 11 (doesn't sound thin but I'm a 34D bust) to 180 lb size 18... It's all about confidence. Granted, I felt better at 142 lbs. but I never lacked for dates at any weight... men thin or fat... It's the combonation of both you and him! Smile and pretend (if you have to) that you are having the time of your life and they will come to you! Now I'm married and working off the "too much happy" pounds! Thanks for the insight guys and confirming what I already knew!

SHANATER SparkPoints: (0)
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2/19/08 7:41 P

Here's my 2 cents. Skinny women are a no-no for me, they are either a turn-off or actually make me sick to look at. Athletic skinny, like say marathon runners, are an iffy for me. Athletic, toned and upwards to say 50lbs over the top end of a weight range are attention getters. More than 50+ overweight and if you have a nice personality, I'd still be there. My girlfriend that I've been with for almost 5 years now is about 80lbs overweight and I wouldn't trade her for any hottie (she is doing spark with me though, hehe). Oh, and one more clarification for me, if she has a poor personality, it don't matter how good looking, I stay far, far away.

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/14/08 5:08 P

thanks for the feed back i am becoming more confident all the time. i am feeling better in my skin! i think i look good i just whant to be healthyer. Again thanks it is good to see what guys think.

2/14/08 8:26 A

When women are too skinny, its a definite turn-off for me. Confidence is a huge thing. It doesn't matter to me if you're plus-sized, you just have to be confident!

JDW1955 Posts: 39
2/13/08 5:37 P

I like real women, I think Marilyn Monroe was like a size 12 or 14. It is not always about the size. It is about the person.

HWW73456 Posts: 9
2/13/08 5:24 P

voluptuous is definately in for me!!!

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/13/08 4:31 P

So when i say thin i think size 6..i am not i will never be a size 6! i am healthy but i see alot of guys my age going for the size 6 or smaller. why? i am 27 not to bad looking, and i feel even worse about my self when i go out with friends and because i am a size 11 not a 6, i'm the big girl? help me understand!

AJLEWIS Posts: 10
2/13/08 10:52 A

It may be true a thin girl will get my attention before a heavy girl would. It isn't so much that I like "skinny girls better"...that's not really the point. Its really more about fitness and how well she takes care of herself. For me personally I don't think I would be attracted to a really full-figured woman or one who can afford to drop 50-100 lbs.

FL_BILL Posts: 31
2/12/08 9:31 P

I like them thin. Of course I also like them shapely... As long as they are female and healthy and confident I like that. I have dated both ends from 98lbs (wife is 110) to some chicks that were over 210...All were fun at the time so Size does not matter. I know to some guys it does. My co worker will not even think about a chick unless she is a total babe... But even they his ideal woman is not mine...

FL Bill

PWRHSE2 Posts: 3,549
2/12/08 7:14 P

Sorry fellas im with vazquez2

Im a chick who just had to see what the guys liked more thin or not so thin.
Us women are allways trying to get thin thin thin and it's nice to know that guys like curves. I'm not fat but im definately not skinny either.

Thanks to all you men for clarifying this for us women.

FRANKG87 Posts: 4
2/10/08 10:49 A


2/9/08 11:59 P

I'm with everybody else on this one. Actually, I've only had sex with one woman I'd include in the "thin" range from the original post. I found it kind of awkward. I mean, the pieces all fit and worked but it just lacked something. Felt kinda like all knees and elbows...

JONMCKENZIE SparkPoints: (0)
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2/7/08 3:12 P

Moderation in all things. Even the human form.

SAFE-T-MAN Posts: 7
2/7/08 1:58 P

Personally I think women should be healthy . This to me means in shape with some healthy size to her . Women who are really skinny, America's Next Top Model for example, are pale and generally have no curves . And curves are what catches my eye.

2/7/08 8:47 A

I hate looking at ones rib cage and spinal cord. I like woman have curves.

I like woman who are soft and confident

VAZQUEZ2 Posts: 244
2/6/08 6:43 P

Ok ok, so i know this is to be for guys, but i could not help reading it and being totally happy to see guys do like a real women!! i have been without a date for 2 years now and sometimes wonder if it is is because i am not a size 2! emoticon

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RONIN672 Posts: 568
2/6/08 6:17 P

Yep, going with everyone else here. I can't stand women that think they have to be walking skeletons because *insert skinny famous person of the moment here* is.
Westarr has it right on the money!

WESTARR61205 Posts: 56
2/6/08 1:23 P

I like something i can grab onto and be a little ruff w/, the good kind of ruff, not skin and bones that might break if you grab on to and toss up onto the kitchen counter.

2/6/08 11:14 A

Wouldn't wanna sleep next to a pile of scrap metal.

DRTBK4EVER Posts: 146
1/31/08 4:18 P

Ditto for me. Curves please.

JUSTIFY73 SparkPoints: (27,891)
Fitness Minutes: (23,408)
Posts: 560
1/31/08 12:07 P

Blagh. No skin and bones please.

There's a nice balance between anorexia and having stomach rolls. Anything in that happy medium is good.

ROEPOE Posts: 51
1/31/08 9:26 A

I like a little meat with my taters

BYGNEL Posts: 77
1/31/08 9:19 A

If I can plainly see bones poking through skin, i'm turned off..

WARRENG317 Posts: 74
1/31/08 8:04 A

I agree with what everyone else has said so far.

BURNRN717 Posts: 8
1/31/08 7:58 A

I would have to say I love a little bit of jiggle instead of bony.

ALDRIC44 Posts: 398
1/30/08 10:54 P

I like a girl with a bit of meat on her as well. Soft and healthy is good....bony is bad.

WINK5AZ Posts: 182
1/30/08 5:42 P

I don't think all guys do, personally I do not. I think that it to skinny and unhealthy. If someone can see you skeleton though your skin, that is just sick and wrong. Too thin, very unhealthy. It's women like that that have helped push this wrong image to the world. They don't have any curves. Give me a woman who has the body of Marilyn Monroe, she had curves and was healthy.

1/30/08 5:13 P

I've never understood why anyone would want to be that skinny. It is unhealthy. When any women looses too much of their body fat they don't honestly look like women to me.

I am sure the additional weight fits you much better.

Take care

1/30/08 4:11 P

No. Not that skinny. We basically like the same things you like. We are attracted to someone who takes care of themselves and is in shape. Clothes fit better. You have more self confidence and are more outgoing. Etc.

Hope that helps,


1/30/08 3:05 P

Ok, so I'm a girl and I'm wondering if guys really do prefer skinny women (I'm talking Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie skinny here) because I used to be that thin... and then I got married and put on 25lbs when I started on birth control... my husband is trying to convince me that he actually likes me better now than when I was super-skinny...

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