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4/1/12 2:16 P

You might find that if you add in your weekly calories burned to your Fitness Goals page, it will assess your daily caloric needs to be a range that leaves room for appropriate amounts of the food you're currently binging on. A lot of people enter it on their tracker as "Circuit Training". Once you know how many calories you burn in one session of P90X, multiply it by the number of times you do the videos each week and enter it under your fitness goals (from the start page, look on the far left for the red bar graph and click "change" underneath, then enter the weekly calorie burn near the bottom of the page). When you return to your nutrition tracker you will probably find your calorie allowance has been changed.

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4/1/12 12:54 P

Agree with the previous posters. Eating too little can slow your weight loss plus keep you hungry all the time so it sets you up for a big binge. It's hard to wrap our heads around eating more, but this isn't about depriving yourself. It's about lifestyle and giving your body the proper fuel it needs to do your daily activities.

I am training for a fall marathon and have to increase my food intake to keep from losing weight now.

Add in your exercise on your goals and I am betting that the program gives you more calories.


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4/1/12 11:29 A

Definitely! Burning too much while eating too little can slow your metabolism, and slow or stall your weight loss efforts. The ranges Sparkpeople generates for us are based on 500-calorie deficits... and if you're substantially over that (very possible with P90X) then you aren't leaving enough for your body to function on.

It's really important to include your fitness activity in your fitness goals. Tracking it here also helps, as it will trigger warnings if you burn too much. It's not bad to work out a lot... you just have to eat enough to fuel those workouts!

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4/1/12 9:11 A

If you're not accounting for the calories burned during exercise, you might not be eating enough. I'd set your calories burned goal to reflect the cardio you're doing (you could probably classify it as high-impact aerobics), and then start tracking all of your food so that you're sure you are eating in the calorie and nutrient ranges SP suggests.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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4/1/12 8:36 A

My husband and I are doing P90, I am tracking my food on SP as well. Lately I have definately been doing some emotional eating and thanks to other postings feel am working twords controlling that. My question is, I'm really stuck, not losing at all or changing in measurements. I do NOT add in any exercise.....thinking that may compensate for my overeating/snacking. If I truley stick to the recommended calorie I NEED to add in exercise? Will this help me start to lose? If so, how do I put in P90 workout. Thanks so much for I type this, I realize just how bad I feel and I'm really tired of the "starting over"....I just need to get back in my groove.

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