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ANDILH Posts: 1,543
5/18/12 10:53 P

Thanks MC,
I've been putting off the surgery, however I have 2 herniated discs that are pinching my sciatic nerve. I really don't want to have the surgery, but I will have permanent nerve damage if something isn't done soon to resolve the issue. I have currently lost feeling in one foot with the nerve pain creeping down the other leg. I have done yoga and pilates for months with no respite. At this point I am considering this surgery because permanent nerve damage down a leg is not fun.

MCFITZ2 Posts: 15,377
5/14/12 11:36 P

I came here because I did not know exactly what Discectomy was. I feel very sad that you are going through this. My daughter was put to bed for a couple of months in the winter of 2010. She has a badly herniated disk. The recommendation was for a neurosurgeon to remove her disk. She chose not to have the surgery. She has done PT, yoga, acupuncture, therapeutic message, herbals as well as pain meds. She works with aqualates and a female pt who is working on strengthening her pelvic floor muscles. She is able to walk and sometimes it is in line. Other times if she does not focus she tilts and walks with a funny hip motion. She still has pain, but she feels she is making progress. So far she is determined not to have the surgery, but I so acutely recognize that every case is different and making this decision is very difficult. I have talked with numerous people at the health and fitness center and the results have been all over the scale from had surgery and was able to walk without with out pain to my back fractured shortly after the surgery. So I really can't help.
I can only say I wish you the very best and a healthy body. emoticon emoticon

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
5/14/12 11:10 P

Red - I have heard what the medical professionals have had to say. However I'm looking for what has actually happened to real people, not what the medical professionals say should happen. This will not be my first surgery, although it will be my first back surgery. I've had both shoulders completely rebuilt as well as other additional things fixed in both shoulders. In my right shoulder in addition to the rebuild they took out an entire joint. My recovery experience from each surgery was vastly different than what the doctors had predicted. It's true that each person is different, and that is why I'm looking for what real people have to say about this. A medical professional cannot tell me from personal experience what happens after a surgery like this. I am NOT using this forum to seek professional medical opinions since I've already explained in a previous post what I've done in an attempt to mitigate my pain and injuries. I am using this forum for exactly what it is supposed to be for...a person seeking more personal suggestions from other lay people who may have had personal experience in this area.

07SOJO Posts: 1,652
5/14/12 2:20 P

Sounds painful!

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5/14/12 1:51 P

This is a question for a specialist doctor- while sparkspeople is a helpful place no one is qualified to tell you how this operation will affect "your future".. Only a specialist will tell you what it is in relationship to your spinal injury or if a possible chance to reduce pain keeping ability to walk..

I work as a traveling resthome helper and the outcomes are "different" from person to person- so please contact your a specialist and know what "you personally" will be up against. I understand totally your worry- but a speicalist is the best professional to know if your making the right decisions just for the reason -outcomes can be so different from patient to patient depending on degree of damage done and especially where..
emoticon Good luck

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ANDILH Posts: 1,543
5/14/12 1:42 P

Crafty-Honestly I am less concerned with when I can start exercising again than with when I will be able to walk with more reliability and when I'll be able to care for my sister (severely multiply impaired). I want to know what kind of pain those who have had this procedure went through. I want to know about complications that people may have experienced, what those were like, and what was done to resolve them.
I have been in physical therapy for months, it has not helped an iota. I've tried epidural steroid injections, acupuncture, massage. I've walked miles. It's time for surgery and I want to know the things the doctors don't tell you. There are things that a person who has experienced something can tell you and those who do the procedures will tell you what their opinion is. Sometimes those two things are vastly different.

5/14/12 7:46 A

@JANIEWWJD: Discectomy is the surgical removal of herniated disc material that presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord. (quoted from Wiki)

@ANDILH: Beyond that I have no experience with this procedure. One of the first things I'd consult my doctor about would be exercising. You need to find out how long you should wait before you start back up and also what kind of exercises you are limited to. Maybe ask about some that would be beneficial to your back?

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JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (598,750)
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5/14/12 4:08 A

What is a disectomy?

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
5/14/12 12:56 A

Has anyone ever had a discectomy? What were your symptoms beforehand? Did the surgery resolve your issues?
I'm probably going to be having this procedure done in the next 6 months and would like to know what kinds of questions I should ask and what I will be looking forward to after the surgery.

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