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Don't feel like a failure! The first step is just tracking what you're putting in your mouth, and you are doing that. On the days where I go over, I just say "well, that day is over" and then try to eat light the next day. Maybe it would be helpful for you to go to the store and get some things that you do know how to make to keep on hand?

But, what's stopping you from learning how to cook? I starting learning when I was 25 just by watching the Food Network and now I'm a pretty proficient home cook and cook almost every night. Most of the "instructional" shows are on Saturday mornings. I learned the most from a show called "How to Boil Water" but unfortunately it is not on anymore. They do have a cookbook though:

There are also tons of cookbooks w/ recipes for beginners, even the library has cookbooks available. I've not read this one but I've heard it's great for beginners:

I bet your parents would be impressed if you cooked them a healthy meal!

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9/28/12 10:20 P

I can manage to eat decently for breakfast and lunch just fine on my own, because I'm at work for those two meals and I can pick healthy things from the cafeteria. But I still live with my parents, and usually whatever they have for dinner, I have too. Regardless of how healthy it is.

I'm gonna end up going over for today because dad ordered pizza and wings for our dinner tonight since mom's out with friends. If I just ate the wings I would be at 1549 for the day. But then I can't have any pizza. And he ordered two because he knows that we're both capable of finishing off half a pizza by ourselves. Yay, leftovers, but... well...

I feel like such a failure for not being able to stay under... If I tell myself "I'll do better tomorrow" then what keeps me from saying the same thing tomorrow?

How can I get my parents to help with making sure I have healthier options for dinner? I don't know how to cook and the only time I have choices are when we're out at a restaurant or there's something else in the house that I actually DO know how to prepare.

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