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GETTHERE135 Posts: 253
2/26/12 10:54 A

Awesome! So glad you had a nice time and the food sounded delicious. Great that you got to wear a shirt you knew was too tight not so long ago. What a fun treat!

SUSANE53 SparkPoints: (31,455)
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2/26/12 8:12 A

Thanks, everyone! We had a FABULOUS dinner!! And I don't think I did tooooooo bad...
A nice salad for a first (didn't need all the prosciutto, but it was the best choice), brussels sprouts for a second - HOLY COW were they delicious!! And I HATE brussels sprouts!! They could have easily left off the scallop and I would have been perfectly happy. Then skate (fish) - yummmmmmm! OK, I probably should not have had the creme brulee for dessert, but I decided an extra work-out was worth it. I mean how often does one get the opportunity to have one's very favorite dessert? Even after all that food, we were not over-full and feeling like we were about to explode. You were right, the portions are appropriate--normal, if you will. The service was impeccable, drinks were well made/served (and not OVERsized), and the valet service had the car waiting by the door before we finished getting our coats on!!

All in all a wonderful evening with my siblings and our significant others. This was a Christmas gift to my sister and me from our brother, so we ended the evening with a cheery Merry Christmas! (yes, other diners thought we were a little insane)

Thank you all for "holding my hand" through my worries.

PS - Added bonus - I wore a top that I had tried to wear at Christmas, but wouldn't wear in public (it was so tight all the front AND back rolls showed), and I felt that I looked pretty good. Even my son, who never ever lies about how I look (truly - to the point of hurting my feelings sometimes) told me there were NO "fat rolls" showing!! The shirt was loose, I was comfortable, and I didn't spend one second worrying about if someone was staring at my fat. PROGRESS!

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2/25/12 1:57 P

WOW ! That place sure isn't Olive Garden, is it ? LOL !!

Actually, I think you're going to be fine. Places like this tend to serve portion controlled plates of high quality food. In short, small servings for large prices. So, you could get the three course meal and still be well within your calorie range for the day.

Whether or not you'd be in your $$$ range for the day is another matter. Sheesh, for those prices, the food had better be nothing less than exceptional.

Enjoy your meal ! Remember, ONE meal will not make or break your day, your week or your healthy lifestyle.


AND according to the website they automatically charge 20% tip for tables over five !

GETTHERE135 Posts: 253
2/25/12 11:01 A

Just keep things balanced, enjoy the food but maybe combine the richer stuff and some light foods such as vegetables. Remember too no weight loss is made or broken in a day. Sounds like a fun treat, just remember it is one meal and enjoy.

SUSANE53 SparkPoints: (31,455)
Fitness Minutes: (63,310)
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2/25/12 8:07 A

We're going to Boca (a high-end, locally-owned restaurant in Cincinnati) tonight! YAY! Except...I've looked at the menu online, and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of 'healthy' selections. Received advice a couple weeks ago to make sure I exercise today and tomorrow, which I'm planning to do, and enjoy. But I saw the scale move a little bit this past week, and I really don't want to blow it - how do I choose the lesser of the 'evil' rich dishes? I really want to have fun - and I know I will - but I also don't want to worry tonight and feel guilty tomorrow.


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