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4/29/12 7:11 P

Diet pills are too scary for me. The lifestyle change is safer and healthier.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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4/29/12 6:37 P

OTC diet pills are bunk. They don't work.

Prescription diet pills do help, but, they only work temporarily and are addictive.

My advice is to take the money you would spend on these pills and invest it in some exercise DVDs or perhaps a gym membership.

Speaking as someone who has had issues with the misuse of prescription diet pills... STAY AWAY unless there is a very, very good reason to take them.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (214,221)
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4/29/12 5:19 P

I don't know of any diet pills that are both effective and safe - I'd say "stay away from them".

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/29/12 2:31 P

The problem with pills is, if they even work, eventually you will stop taking them. Then you gain it all back, plus more. I took Hydroxycut, and Dexatrim after h.s. graduation, and got down to 183. Felt great for a year.. 7 years later I was 361, and in E.R. for CHF. Two years later, I had my ICD ( inter-coronary device ) put in at 29 y.o.

At best it just delays the weight gain, and keeps you from learning how to control your diet. All pills have side effects.

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
4/29/12 12:18 P

People keep saying they only help temporarily, but that's not true.

They don't even work temporarily.

Most supplements are just caffeine (usually under three or four different names to hide how much there is) and capsaicin (the hot chemical in hot peppers.) The caffeine makes you jittery and the capsaicin makes your face feel hot, so psychologically you connect that sensation of heat with the word "burn," and you believe you're burning fat or calories. You're really not using any more calories, though, and you're putting yourself at a small risk of harm because there's no regulation on how much caffeine they put into each dose.

The prescription ones do work temporarily if you have some sort of disorder where you really do feel hungry when others don't. They work either like an anti-depressant or like an amphetamine to stimulate your nervous system so you think you're not hungry-- but they have the same side effects as other amphetamines or anti-depressants, including mood effects and high blood pressure. If you overeat for any other reason than hunger, those drugs won't work, and the people for whom they do work build up tolerance very quickly; after 9-12 weeks they just don't work anymore. They're really meant as a quick way to get super-obese people down to where they're not at immediate risk of dying from their obesity, or to where they can survive bypass surgery. They're not for people who just need to lose a little weight to look and feel better.

4/29/12 11:10 A

At best, diet pills will do nothing.

They might help you lose weight for the short term... but many people then gain that weight back and then some.

At worst, they can make you really, really sick, even land you in the hospital.

Not worth it. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

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4/29/12 8:40 A

As a nurse, I always to your doctor.

Anything over the counter isn't going to be more effective than you working hard...

But there are appetite suppressants, that if you fit the bill, you can get.

If you need them.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/29/12 7:39 A

My personal take on these (of any name) would be:

- they are over priced
- they are an excuse for those who do not wish to try and change their habits
- while they may work temporarily (maybe), they are not a long term solution, and do nothing to help a person learn proper eating and exercising lifestyle changes
- they are likely unsafe, but I don't have personal experience to back up this thought

BEX-FLOWER Posts: 18
4/29/12 3:53 A

I didnt think they did and they are REALLY expensive!! Thank God i didn't buy any! :)


BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
4/29/12 3:39 A

As I said to my mother, as she showed me her latest jar of diet pills that won't work..


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/29/12 3:21 A

No diet pills safely work without side effects.

Healthy eating and exercise is much better, and will help you to keep the weight off permanently - which diet pills can't do.

BEX-FLOWER Posts: 18
4/29/12 2:55 A

Happen to catch a glimpse of a diet pill- adios?
Just wondering whether they work, or help? i know the most effective way is excerise and healthy eating.......
Has anyone tried them?

Thank You

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